Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Floortime Therapy Started Today

With every specialist I need to find I struggle with two things.

The first is the person. I need the best, most qualified person I can find. Someone who I am comfortable with personally and someone who is going to work well with my son. Someone who will teach and who will listen. Someone that I can welcome into my home, into our intimate daily lives; day after day, week after week. Someone who I trust to help me and my boy in this emotional time and who also I feel in my gut can help my kid. After all these are the people I am tasking with rewiring the way my kid intuitively does things. I don’t want him to feel beat down, pressured or forced to behave a certain way. Instead I want to have someone gently steer and guide him and I into a better pattern of learning.

The second is the money. Unfortunately I am learning that the free government aid is difficult to navigate, slow to approve and hard to find someone I love. I am also learning that insurance sucks and the best therapists don’t even accept insurance. Instead they bill you, you pay with cash or credit card and then you have to fight your insurance company to get reimbursed.

I interviewed a floortime person and I really really liked her. My Little Cricket and the therapist clicked immediately and I could see this person in my home, being a trusted confidant, teacher and guide.

Still I went on to interview two others, because they accepted my insurance. It would have been so much easier to choose one of them but sadly they both didn’t feel as right as the first one. Its only money I told myself. Our son deserves the best.

I really feel like I made the right decision. Today was our first two hour session with our new floortime therapist. It looked like a bunch of fun play. And I loved that. As I learn more about what she does and why she is doing certain things I am sure I will see so much more than just play. But for now I am happy that my kid is happy while getting therapy.

Only time will tell if all this will work.


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