Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ms. Pixie Celebrating Her Birthday

Since I have two very tiny humans that go to bed early, and since Ms. Pixie and my bestie Mrs. Dancer are pretty much the only two people that watch my kids, I offered to throw a little celebration of Ms. Pixie’s birth at my house. We ordered super yummy sushi. Devoured it right at the kitchen counter, standing around and mostly trying to share. We spent a good 20 minutes debating the movie choice; Amy, Trainwreck, Antman, Spy were the front runners. Antman won and I was pretty sure it was going to suck. Surprisingly it was amazing. Really funny and a great story. In fact it was probably my favorite Marvel movie I have seen so far. All in all it was a fun night. My house was full of people and laughter, a direct opposite of how I usually spend my nights.


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