Thursday, February 4, 2016

Little Ms. Rose – Pediatrician Appointment Six Months

As soon as I brought you in you got weighed and measured. You are coming in at a whopping 17 pounds and 4 inches, that is 80th percentile in weight. And you are measuring 27 ¼ inches, a very long 95th percentile in height. Your big brother was only 33rd percentile for height and weight, a full 2 pounds lighter and a full two inches shorter.


During your checkup everything looked pretty normal. You had some ear wax buildup in one ear but as you didn’t have a fever the doctor wasn’t concerned. I pointed out the fact that one side of your stomach was slightly raised but after feeling around for a while the doctor stated that it wasn’t a hernia like I had feared but simply a slightly weak abdominal wall that will strengthen over time. I also pointed out the blue vein that you have close to your eye and nose, but she said it was normal, just a vein close to the surface that will fade over time.


The only milestone that you haven’t reached yet is to sit up on your own. You can tripod for a few seconds if I put you in the position but you topple over easily still. I did tell the doctor that I thought you would be sitting soon. After all you seem strong enough. You just haven’t done it yet.


I really don’t like this whole six month visit, mostly because we need to give you shots. I am all over the map on vaccinations. Now that my son has autism I am even more leery of getting her shots. But in the end I go with what research states, that getting her shots is for the best, and that it is the right thing to do. My fear is that in 20 years everyone admits that those damn shots did screw up some kid’s brains… but I can’t go down that rabbit hole today.

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