Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Holiday – Day 4: Cookie Batter, Contemplation and the Benefit of Lists

We were planning on just meeting the whole family at the big house I rented for us in Atlanta, but then Mr. Rogue and I decided a few days spent with his parents would be lovely. So we flew into Raleigh to spend a five days with his parents, and then we would all drive down to Atlanta together. I wasn’t even thinking about the practicality of this decision, which by the way was TOTALLY AWESOME. First the kids got a few days in a new environment, in a less crowded new house, to adjust to traveling and a new time schedule. And then mom and I had days and days and days to plan. Normally we just have Christmas at mom and dad’s house, but this year our niece was due to give birth two weeks before Christmas. We knew she wouldn’t want to travel so far with a brand new baby, so we decided to bring Christmas to her. As an added benefit our families are getting rather big for mom and dad’s house, with the kids all getting older and needing more space it just made more sense to rent a super big house.

But with having Christmas in a rented house, with limited supplies for all the massive amounts of cooking we planned to do, mom and I started loading the table with all the things that we needed. We loaded the living room couch and chairs with bags of presents. And I got started on our lists; things that we wanted to bring from moms house, menus for the first few days, grocery shopping of things we could get at Costco in Raleigh and bring with us, a grocery list for when we arrived at the house in Atlanta, and last minute stuff we needed to pack the morning we left. Over and over mom praised me for my ability to plan so well, which is nice considering I get a ton of negative points with my in-laws for disliking coffee and having too much energy.




Another thing mom and I decided to do to alleviate some of the craziness was bake a few yummy batches of cookies at moms house; because it wouldn’t be Christmas without yummy Christmas cookies. We spent an entire afternoon baking and made peanut butter kisses, snickerdoodles, coconut macarons, chocolate chip and chocolate sundae cookies. Finger licking good!!!







While us girls were baking I coaxed the guys to take my Little Cricket out running at the park. A full day cooped up in an airport and a plane, and then a full day cooped up in grandma and grandpas house being constantly told no was grating on my and I am sure my Little Crickets nerves. It was a little wet but that two hours was filled with joy for my Little Cricket.











In the evening we all hung out and relaxed. After a long day at the park snuggles were in order. And I had to soak my foot because my heel is showing the first little signs of cracking again. SERIOUSLY people. Children are ruining my ability to take care of myself. Well, let’s be honest, children and age. I am tired. I feel old. I feel loved. I feel stretched. I feel fulfilled.

I keep getting these nuggets of wisdom from an older generation, that these are the days I will miss. I am so tired right this moment that I cannot imagine missing this chaos. But then I snuggle with my tiny babies and sigh with bliss.





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