Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Holiday – Day 5: Getting to the Lakehouse

Of course, of course, OF COURSE it rained the entire time we packed the cars and on the entire way there (7 hours in the pouring rain), and then also as we unpacked the cars. As if it wasn’t hard enough to travel so far with so much stuff and with tiny humans. Going was slow, because Mr. Rogue was being extra safe on the slippery roads. But good news is that we all got to the house safe, all of us coming from so many different places.

The house was fantastic. It also helped that we got the huge master suite right off the family room, a perfect spot for my still napping twice a day my Little Rose and for my legs (since this was the only large room on the main floor). The house was huge and big enough to fit us all perfectly. Even in the pouring rain, dark cloudy-ness, I could see it was awesome. My only complaint is that it was a little musty… probably from the rain (At least that is what I am hoping) and my sheet snobbishness didn’t love the scratchy sheets on our bed.







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