Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas Holiday – Day 15: The Airport Shuffle

This sounds like a corny dance from the 80s, something in between the ‘walkman’ and ‘2 legit to quit’. But in fact it has nothing to do with dance and everything to do with the logistics of traveling with two kids two and under, two car seats, a mountain of bags and a rental car to drop off. Mr. Rogue and I are getting better at this. Mr. Rogue drops me off with both kids and our mountains of bags, I check in, get the tickets and get the bags weighed while he drops of the rental and shuttles back to find us.


Once Mr. Rogue found us we moved to phase 2 of stress, getting through security. With a stroller, two roller bags, a diaper bag, two car seats, two kids security is less than fun. But once we are past it we are golden. The kids were again amazing on the flight home. No tears, no crying and both slept for 3 of the 5 hour flight.





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