Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Holiday – Day 14: New Year’s Day

Last night we made it out until midnight new years eve visiting friends, while traveling, with two kids two and under. I am suitably impressed with myself. I had one glass of wine, and one glass of champagne as that bright sparkly ball dropped and then spent the next hour transporting things, and sleeping children from our friend’s house to the hotel room. By the time I got the baby changed, fed and back to sleep it was after 1:30 am. And we had to be up early the next day… I was kicking myself for the early morning plans we made.

Mrs. Penn said that the Atlanta Children’s Museum gets busy fast, and also since it was a holiday she was worried that it would even be busier than she anticipated. So she wanted us to be there at 10am (when the doors opened), which I grudgingly agreed too. We made it all packed up and out the door on time, if not slightly crabby.




The kids had such a great time. They had recently renovated the whole museum and it was beautiful. My Little Cricket sure does love this kind of stuff; the ball machines and the train tables (of course) were his favorite things. I loved the kenetic sand space. They had a topographic color filter on the table that changed color based on the height of the sand. So super-cool. I want one! After two hours I was super thankful we had gotten there early. It was empty when we arrived but slammed with a billion people by noon, good thing it was the perfect time to leave and get something yummy to eat.








The Penn’s suggested Cuban for lunch. Not my favorite choice in the world but since everyone else seemed super excited to go I opted to go with the flow. I know gasp… I wasn’t trying to control the whole food situation. I blame the fact that I am exhausted, simply too tired to bother. They had to have something on the menu I would eat, I thought, I hoped………. I prayed.

We arrived at La Fonda Latina, a Mexican infused Cuban place. Things were looking up. Mexican I can handle. And then walking into the restaurant I spotted the most adorable mural. An owl-cat, two of my favorite things, oh yeah baby things were looking up indeed!!!! And then it became the background on my phone.



Going through the menu I was between two choices; cheese enchiladas (because who can seriously mess that up) and something a little different, fish tacos. As much as I love control I often like to give two options to the server and see if there is a strong recommendation either way. Our waitress gushed about how good their fish tacos were. I had to try them. And you know what. SHE WAS RIGHT. They were so super delicious!



We made it back to our friends house in one piece, we played two more games of ticket to ride. We played with the kids. We ordered sushi from a local place because we were all too tired to cook. I decided to get my usual, salmon sushi and then, because my adventurous lunch went so well I decided to try the teriyaki salmon. OMG delicious!


A perfect end to a wonderful, exhausting, family and friend filled, sick ingested, crazy busy trip! And as soon as I get home, and recuperate from this trip, I am going to have to learn how to cook fish tacos and salmon teriyaki.

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