Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Holiday – Day 12: On Our Way to the Penn’s

Today we said goodbye to the house we rented for the week and to our family, it was time to go our separate ways.


Whenever we end up on this side of the USA for Christmas we try to make a stop at the Penn’s for a few day visit. Before kids we would just bunk up with them but with two tiny humans in tow, and with their two now tiny humans it would have been too crowded. So we opted to rent a suite close by. When asked what we wanted to do I simply said that we needed to RUN my Little Cricket. Today they took us to Monkey Joes, a super fun bounce house warehouse that my Little Cricket had a blast at.








After hanging out for a few hours we headed to Meat n Greet for dinner, a favorite food joint of the Penn’s. Man they had some delicious food. As I often do I asked the waiter for the three most amazing things on the menu. He cited any of their burgers, a spicy pasta dish (which was a no go because I don’t do spicy) and the last thing were their roasted Brussel sprouts. I opted for the burger, which was amazing. But the star of the show were the roasted Brussel sprouts. Oh I am gonna have to learn how to make these. They were divine. I love finding things that I though I didn’t like but that are actually so good if cooked correctly.





We were exhausted and totally lame so we headed to our hotel after dinner to check in and get to bed early. All bathed and in bed by 8. AHHHHHHHHH.

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