Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Month in Moments: My Little Cricket 31 Months Old My Little Cricket,

It has been a hard emotional couple of weeks but you are constantly reminding me to slow down and just be happy. You are happy almost all of the time. Like seriously kid, all of the time. This biggest change this month is that your language seems to be escalating exponentially. You are mimicking our words constantly and it is an amazing change. You started singing your abcs, counting to ten, mimicking songs from your Leap Frog and the radio. And now you are talking back to the tv characters and to yourself when you are playing. After being virtually silent for so long I am OVERJOYED that you are now sharing so much language with us.


We are so thankful for speech therapy and every day you are mimicking more words.
help me
uh oh - where’d it go

You are also learning more self-help skills. We are working on you taking off your own shoes and socks and you can completely undress yourself, put your clothes in the dirty clothes hamper and your diaper in the trash. You still have no interest in potty training, and frankly I am not pushing you. In fact you haven’t even been able to let me know when you pooped your diaper yet which is the first stage. But we are beginning to work on things since you are obviously getting a little too big for the changing table now.


Because we were traveling so much, and I think because I was pointing out SO MUCH to you, you are now also pointing out everything. You learned to say ‘see’ and point to something you like and then you are looking back at me to make sure I am looking. I know it is such a little thing but I am so excited that you are not only gesturing but sharing something with me. It just melts my heart everytime you say it.


You are still a super picky eater, and my little skinny Minnie. When we get back from our Christmas trip I really need to look into getting you into an eating program. The list of things to do is so long, and finding the right person to help us difficult that I just haven’t gotten to it yet. However I realize that even the food you will eat is getting narrower and narrower. It’s time to get help, nutrition after all is a cornerstone to how well your body and brain can work.



You have this lovely motto. “If it exists I must climb it.” It really used to drive me completely crazy; I am now however resigned to it. You win. I simply now, as long as it is quazi safe, just let you climb. And grit my teeth hoping you won’t fall. God I hope this is a phase that ends quickly



You also have a love of tight small spaces. It is amazing how you can squeeze your body in these little places. I have to watch you all the time to be sure where you went. For instance at home we have this small chest in your sisters room. You now LOVE going in there. But the first time you went in I started freaking out because I couldn’t find you for a minute. As an added bonus you are walking so much and sticking with me so well that I stopped bringing your seat for the stroller. However when you get tired or want a ride you now just climb into the bottom compartment. Really???? You my little contortion artist are a super star.




You are starting to develop all these little things and quirks. Things that make you such an adorable unique human being. You love to collect rocks, you curl them in your little hands, or put them in your pocket for me to find days later as I am doing laudry. Those rocks make me smile. Rocks are the only thing that you are collecting right now but you also love to go exploring outside for anything new and unusual. You are also starting to create these little squirrel zones at the house. Little treasure troves full of fun stuff. The one I found this week is in the entertainment center. Something you are not allowed to go in. But you were smart about it. You weren’t putting them through the doors where I could see. No instead you were sneaking these little treasures in through the back air hole. My cleaver little guy.




You did awesome on our two week road trip vacation. The first week was lots of driving and the second week we spent with my parents. You slept in a different place almost every single night. And every night you slept in bed with us. You were too big for a pack and play but not quite big enough in my opinion to sleep on your own. I was terrified that you would get so used to sleeping with us for the two week trip that it would be so hard to transition you back into your own room and your own bed when we got home. But there was no need to worry. You were a rock star and did just great. Your favorite part may have been at the hotel when we loaded up the cart with all the stuff we needed for the night. You would just hop right on… weeeeeeeee.






You loved spending so much time with Grandma and Papa. They adored playing with you and you just soaked up all that love. God I wish we lived by more family. It is one of my only regrets in life that we live so far away from family. Grandma and grandpa recorded a few movies for you so when we visited you would have something new to watch. The Lego Movie was a huge hit. We must have watched it 10 times while we were there and you adored it.





One of our weekly activities that we both love is your art class. You love it because you get to play with other kids, with new toys and with fun art supplies. And I love it because I get to sit and chat with other moms. One of the new toys that they brought out this month was a train set. And you went crazy nuts over it. Totally up your alley. We don’t have a train set yet, and when I saw your joy I knew that that is what we would get you for your Christmas present. I cannot wait until Christmas to give it to you. You are gonna go bannanas!





I have been working hard at wrapping my head around what is going on with you. Whether you are just having some minor delays or if it is something more. There have been so many appointments, so many people writing up analysis so many tests. Through it all you simply remain as happy as ever. You are my heart and I will always love you. But mommy is also gonna fight like hell to figure out what is going on and to help as much as is amazing super mom possible. This month we visited the preschool I am hoping to send you a few days a week. I am not ready to let you go but even though the experts don’t agree on much of what is going on they ALL agree that getting you around other kids will exponentially increase your language.



While working on answering the hundreds of questions one that kept coming up over and over again was if you lined up anything. Because obsessively lining things up is a common autism sign. The answer during those screenings was no, but only days after your autism screening at UCLA I came into your room to see your books all lined up; something that you have never done before. I took a deep breath and went in to stack the books back on the shelf. The good news is that you didn’t freak out that I put them away. I will just have to watch you and hope you don’t line anything else up. Hopefully it was just a fluke.


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