Monday, November 30, 2015

My Little Rose: Four months old (18 weeks)

You my angel girl are a shining light of so much friggin joy. You are the best baby ever. I catch myself snuggling you, staring into your sweet little face, making you smile and seriously feel so blessed to be your mom.







I am so tired I almost feel comatose. Between running after your brother all day and taking care of you and keeping up with all the fun things we have been doing. To being up all night because your schedule is off and we were traveling it has been so incredibly hard. However with the hard work there has also been a ton of fun. GOD how I miss traveling, how I miss us all together as a family. How I miss the adventure of it all. I may be physically more tired than I have ever been in my life but my soul is full of joy.




I am so grateful for all the wonderful memories we have created. Traveling is my absolute favorite thing in the world and all the work is so worth it! Plus it was awesome to spend a week with my parents. We don’t get to spend nearly enough time with them with them traveling around the US in an RV. But this week we got so much quality time together. You were constantly in someone’s lap and you just loved all the attention.








I think you look so much like your daddy, although almost everyone says that they see me when they look at you. My parents said that a ton of your facial expressions are all me and that makes me smile. The cocked eyebrow and your pouty lip you sometimes get in particular they think is all me. I can’t wait until you get older and really start showing your personality!




On vacation we brought a limited amount of toys. Mostly because I had already packed two gigantic bags and two smaller bags full of stuff and the toys were the easiest things to cut down on. Besides the world is your toy at this age. One of the favorite ‘random things we gave you to entertain yourself’ with was the empty water bottle. Seriously you must have played with it so much on this trip and you loved it!


After two weeks of traveling it was absolute heaven to be home. Home in our own beds, home to access to all our baby gear (no more changing diapers on the floor). That first night home you slept so well, probably in response to all the broken sleep you got while we were gone. Ms. Dancer came over to visit and get a few baby snuggles in. She said that you doubled in size the two weeks that we were away… maybe not doubled in size but you are plumping out and loosing that newborn look!



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