Monday, December 21, 2015

My Little Rose: 21 Weeks Old

I know I keep saying this but you are such a good baby. Like the best baby ever. It is easy to be a good baby when you are home and everything goes your way. But you are a good baby traveler. You don’t mind your carseat. You love the baby bijiorn. You travel well in a car, on the plane, in a stroller. You love being held and you love exploring around on a blanket on the floor with some random object I found for you to play with. We have changed your routine, your environment, the state you are in the weather and you just continue to chillax and go with the flow. I don’t know how I got so lucky to be your mom.




We are now in North Carolina visiting your dads parents. And since it worked so well you are back sleeping in a suitcase.



You have officially found your feet. Anytime that you are sockless, and sometimes when I put socks on you and after you have ripped them off, you have your feet in your mouth. Like you just learned this this week and it was hard to get some photos of you without your feet in your mouth. New skills required. Check. Flexibility I am so envious of. Check.



And P.S. look at those leg rolls. Delicious.


One of daddies favorite things is to blow raspberries on your face. Your skin is so fair, and daddy’s goatee is so rough that you often are left with pink pink cheeks. You don’t seem to mind it and he just can’t resist.


Pink pink and more lovely pink, topped with tutos and bows and everything in between. I just love having a little girl. A little mini me. And I am just loving all these outfits. You are my light and my joy baby girl!




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