Monday, December 14, 2015

My Little Rose: 20 Weeks Old

You are such an adorable little tatter tot. You are getting so nice and round and it fills me with the joy of a thousand suns to see you so happy and healthy.




This week your swing died. And I cried and cried and cried. I friggin loved that swing, your brother loved that swing when he was a baby and you certainly loved that swing. It was the perfect go to, if you were fussy in the middle of the night, if I wanted to grab a quick shower, the swing was the perfect little safe haven to place you in. I cried and cried and cried. It doesn’t make sense to buy another one, after all you are almost 5 months old and certainly almost too big to use a swing. We will limp along without it.




Up until this week you have been sleeping in a bassinet next to my side of the bed. I would often watch you sleep. It is the most peaceful thing in the world… when you are quiet. However more often than not you are a LOUD sleeper. You grunt and groan and shuffle and rock out all totally while asleep. I love that you can sleep through the ruckus you cause, but I am a light sleeper and I am losing my mind with the constant, you don’t need me but you are waking me up, wake-ups.



I figured with all the traveling, and the fact that you have been sleeping in a suitcase in a ton of random different places that it was a good time to acclimate you to YOUR room. When I wavered about this, that you were too young, that I felt guilty for kicking you out of my room and by my side too early, I told myself that you were getting ready to sit up soon. And that you were also getting a little big, when you stretch full out you can touch both the bottom and the top of the bassinet. Of course I was a wreck. I went in to check on you a hundred times. I heard phantom cries and raced to your room only to see you snoring peacefully away. But just like your brother you did amazing. I placed the bassinet in the crib for a few days so you could get used to the new room first. When we get back from our Christmas trip in two weeks then I will get you used to the actual crib. For now I am sleeping so much better.



We are nearing another milestone, one that I cannot wait to achieve. You are still bottle fed, but this week, for a few seconds at a time you are now able to almost hold your bottle. Sometimes in a pinch I prop up your bottle with a blanket. But once you get to holding your own bottle status it will free me up sometimes from sitting there trying to feed you. You still are a super lazy eater. Frankly I am surprised you are such a good weight.


I was going to get your ears pierced this week but then I couldn’t do it and had to cancel the appointment. I have been thinking about getting your ears pierced for weeks and weeks but I was torn. I wanted to get them done when you were young, when you wouldn’t remember. I wanted to get them done because they are so pretty. In the end I just couldn’t do it. We will get your ears pierced as a right of passage when you are older. When you are old enough to take care of them. And most importantly when you ask for those holes to be put in YOUR body. So for now you will remain earringless.


I thought for sure all your hair would fall out just like your brothers did around this age. He was also born with a full head of dark hair, when it all fell out it grew back in sandy blonde. It looks like your hair however is sticking around. That means however that you are developing a nice little bald spot in the back of your head. When you are trying to fall asleep you like to shake your head from side to side, which is causing most of that hair to fall out I am sure. With your hair falling out it leaves your little mole showing even more. You also have a pretty wicked flat spot on the back of your head; nothing that the doctor or I am worried about. My Little Cricket had a flat spot as well that totally corrected itself on its own but yours is a little flatter than his was. Once you learn to sit up, which is going to be so so soon I think, then we won’t even need to worry any longer.


Somehow I managed two hours of shopping while both you kids were in the stroller. It was funny for people to take double takes when they realized that there were two little ones in the stroller. Both you kids are AMAZING. You are such great little movers and shakers which allows me to get so much done.


You have had a stuffy nose all week. It’s the third cold you have had which totally makes me sad. But your brother keeps getting sick and he keeps getting us sick. On the plus side at least they are just little minor colds and your immune system is getting stronger. I did elevate your basinet a little at night with a rolled up towel under one hand. And we put the humidifier in your room to help with your dry little nose. Hopefully this one will pass quickly.



I am noticing more and more you and your brother paying more attention to each other. Right now they are just fleeting moments. He will bring you your bottle, or a toy, you will be playing with something and he will swing by to check it out. I can’t wait until you are old enough to really play with each other. Makes my heart sing with joy to see my two kids together. I am hoping that I can help cultivate a strong bond between you two.



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