Monday, December 7, 2015

My Little Rose: 19 Weeks Old

The big news this week is that you finally rolled from your back onto your stomach. You have done it accidentally the past two weeks but this time I feel like you are doing it on purpose. You are also starting to really scooch all over the place to the point where it is no longer safe to leave you unprotected. When on the bed we use pillows as blocks to keep you in place. My Little Cricket never fell off a bed, changing table or couch on my watch and neither will you. You are holding your head up so much better. Getting stronger every single day my baby girl.






Your eyes were never quite blue like your brothers when he was born. Instead they are a really pretty grey color and still are. I wonder sometimes what color they are going to settle on but for now they are so pretty!




I brought out your play mat and hanging toy holder a few weeks ago and you are really starting to interact with your dangling toys. It’s so fun to see you exploring and interacting with the world around you.




You are officially getting bigger and now officially out of your size one diapers. Technically they have been snug for two weeks but we have been using them to get rid of the stash I had already bought. Even though I still have a few extra it is time to move on. You are now in size two and we will be donating the last of the size one’s to a friend’s baby that was just born. This week we also packed away most of your 3-6 month clothing. It is so hard to pack everything up but oh so fun to bring out all the new stuff in the next size up!


This week I have a stuffy nose, so have been sneezing a lot. We found out that you really don’t like sneezes. You actually start to cry a little. Granted when I sneeze it’s pretty darn loud. My poor baby boo!


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