Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Little Cricket & My Little Rose - Pediatrician Appointment

Both kids were due for their pediatrician appointment. I thought for a minute taking them separately but that would have involved a babysitter for two separate days and it just seemed too complicated. So I brought the double stroller so one child could be on lockdown while the other was having their appointment. And I brought my Little Cricket’s phone full of games to keep my Little Cricket occupied.

My Little Cricket went first. His was just a weight and height check. My Little Cricket weighted in at 25 pounds and 8 ounces with his height being 36 ¾ inches. That is up two pounds and 7 ounces and 3 inches gain in the past six months. Not huge but he thankfully is still staying on his growth curve. Tall and skinny just like daddy. I also talked to the pediatrician about the status of the very long road to getting the genetic testing that we requested LAST JULY. We finally have approval for two of the tests however the other 9 got denied. We are in round two of the appeal process on that but in the meantime we are moving forward with the two tests that have been approved. We also talked about getting my Little Cricket assessed for autism by the UCLA CAN Clinic next week. I am nervous about the appointment but the doctor is still thinking that it isn’t autism and there is some underlying possible genetic issue going on.



After my Little Cricket was done it was my Little Rose’s turn. She had her four month checkup. She is a healthy 15 pounds and 2 ounces and 24 ¾ inches long which means that she is in the 80th percentile for weight and the 95th percentile for height. Such a big healthy perfect little girl.




My Little Rose’s witches milk has completely gone away, which was a relief that we didn’t have to do anything further for that. But I did bring up two concerns. I notice that she has a faint bluish line by her eye on the left side. Thankfully the doctor assured me that there was nothing to worry about. that it is just a vein close to the surface and it should slowly go away with age as your skin thickens. The other is that her belly is still slightly raised on the left side. The doctor said that it isn’t hard so it isn’t a hernia and that it is just a slightly weak abdominal wall. We will keep an eye on it but it should go away on its own as she gets older and start strengthening those muscles.


And then we had the conversation I was dreading. Last week I decided to give up pumping. I had enough frozen milk to make it another two weeks or so and although I didn’t make it to one year like I had hoped, I made it as long as I could. I just hate pumping and it is too time consuming to handle this with everything else going on. Something I feel had to give. I was so thankful that her reaction wasn’t negative. Obviously she wished I could continue (so do I lady) but then she said that a happy stable mom that formula feeds is more important than a mom who is a hot mess and falling apart but breastfeeding. Amen my sister!



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