Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I Ain’t too Proud to Beg

Taking a life lesson from TLC.

Body Strike.
It is official. I am old. My body is falling apart.

In October I traveled with my two month old and my two year old alone to Pittsburgh to visit Mrs. Pool Shark, and then a little road trip down to Atlanta. I was home for three weeks and then we left again, this time with Mr. Rogue on a two week 2500 mile road trip. We got home and I had to put my dog down. I have been super stressing about all my Little Crickets medical appointments. Mr. Rogue went back to his crazy work schedule. My lower back muscles are still in a ton of pain from the C-section. My four month old isn’t sleeping. My planters fasciitis is back with a vengeance. Ms. Tiny has taken herself off to Peru. There is Christmas party, after long list of things, after filling out 200 Christmas cards, after decorating the house, after taking care of tiny humans and the house, and all these doctor appointments and I am just EXHAUSTED. DONE.

Any normally functioning human being would take a step back and try to get things back on track. Not me. I have a timeline. I have a plan. And no matter what they must be executed. If not I am convinced the world will end. So last night, once I got both kids bathed and in bed and I had a moment to do silly things like get a sip of water, I so desperately wanted to go to bed. But it was only 8 I told myself. I had a ton of stuff that was supposed to get done today I told myself. You are a slacker and lazy if you can’t stay on a simple plan I told myself.

I wasn’t very nice to myself.

I didn’t listen to my body.

Instead I forced myself to do everything I wanted to get done today. I didn’t lay down to bed until 1AM, hours after I wanted too.

And this morning I woke up with my neck completely sized up. As in I cannot move my head. My neck muscles are one large gigantic angry knot. I had to do two things I rarely do. I had to pull in the troops and I had to take medication. I called my bestie Mrs. Dancer who came over for two hours, and then my husband had to take a half day off of work. I very rarely ever cry wolf, so when I do you know that I need the help. Sadly with so much to do I could do nothing. I ended up laying around in bed for most of the day. On one hand it felt excruciatingly indulgent to finally kick my feet up and on the other hand it felt so horribly lazy to not be doing anything. And then once I knew the kids were in good hands I took some medication. Over the course of the day I took a few of my high dose ibuprofen prescription I had from my c-section I took a nap. I came down and ate something for dinner and then I took half a muscle relaxer from Mr. Rogue’s spine surgery prescription.

Body you win. I was down for the count today. Nothing got done on my to do list. In hindsight I should have listened to you yesterday. Let’s call a truce. I need my neck back please.

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