Friday, November 27, 2015

Family Road Trip - Day 13: Two Ways to BBQ

I was sure since my Little Cricket didn’t crash into bed until 11pm last night that the little stinker would sleep in. OH NO, in fact his body did the exact opposite of what I thought. His wakeup time is usually 7am. Instead of waking at around 8:30 or even 9 (I was hoping here folks) he got up at the pre-dawn time of 5:30AM. YAY. I love my kids, I love my kids, WAAAAA I wanna sleep.

Anyways sleep or no sleep no one has time to be down for the count. With our last full day with my parents, tomorrow we get on an airplane, I wanted to be sure to WEAR my kids out. So it was my bright idea to take my Little Cricket to the Children’s museum. Great idea right, yup it was the same idea as everyone else. That place was CRAZY PACKED. So many kids, so many parents, so many grandparents, aunts, cousins and monkeys uncles. Aside from the adults feeling a little too crowded at least my Little Cricket had a blast, which was the whole point of this crazy exercise.
















The one thing that Mr. Rogue wanted to do while we were here was to get some good Texas BBQ. I looked up the list of the top 10 places to get BBQ near us and then we picked one that had great reviews and was near the children’s museum. Not exactly what I thought when I looked the restaurant up, it was an order at the counter and sit kinda place. But at least Mr. Rogue got the BBQ he was craving.






My parents are in an RV park and the park often has fun things for their guests to do. Today they were having a BBQ over an open fire. Specifically it was a BBQ your own hot dog. Classy. HAHAHA. Even though it was POURING down rain outside they still continued with their plans. The clubhouse was large and they had a huge overhanging porch for just this occasion. I am a country girl at heart and thought it was super fun, a nice change of pace, and a reminder of grilling hot dogs and smores over an open fire while camping. Mr. Rogue of course made his all sloppy with chili and cheese. I opted for some simple mustard. We must keep the hot dog respectable.





After playing for a while we headed back to my parents trailer for the last of the Pumpkin pie. Bedtime was early for us. We got the kids washed and in bed and then I set about trying to pack and organize.

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