Sunday, December 6, 2015

BBBS 75: Mockingjay, Steak, Frozen Drinks, Phones and Shoes

I picked up the twins today for our Christmas get together. I feel bad, my life has changed oh so much since I first made the commitment to BBBS. I have had two kids, my Little Cricket is having issues, the girls moved over an hour away. There have been a few times were I had the fleeting thought of just giving up. But I cannot leave them. They are my girls. Instead I just don’t see them as often as I like. They are older now, 17, and I explained that I am just nightmarishly busy. They get it and are still happy to see me when we all have time.

At least when I do make it out to see them I spend at least 6 hours if not more. Today was a long day. We went and saw the new Mockingjay movie, the girls love it and so did I. Then when discussing what to eat, my Little’s twin said that she had developed low iron. I decided to take the girls for the first Filet (they split a filet and a burger in case they didn’t like it). But PLEASE, it’s a filet, of course they loved it. I also splurged on fancy drinks and a blooming onion. It was Christmas after all. We spent lunch talking about how a plot forms (through the movie), what our bodies need nutritionally, and college/career aspirations.

After lunch we headed to the stores. I got the girls new phones for Christmas and new sneakers for school. With an hour there, an hour back and 6 hours with the girls it was a long day but a fun day.







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