Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Tearful Goodbye to my Beloved Furry Best Friend, Rogue

One of the many things my husband and I share is our passion for photography. We just got back from an amazing two week road trip through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas and of course we have thousands of photos to go through. I ran across a series of shots, one taken at a standing height into the sun, the other lying down in the sand with the sun to my back. One photo is really just blah and the other is incredible, all from moving a couple of feet over and down. It got me thinking about how important perspective is in photography and in life. Today we had to say goodbye to my dog Rogue. I have been so incredibly heart broken, he has been my constant companion, my partner in crime, my furry faithful amazing best friend. I miss him so much. However looking at it with the right perspective I know it was time. He was 14.5 years old and up until this last year and a half he had been incredibly healthy. He had an amazing life, we were lucky to have him for so long, and these last couple of weeks had seen him in so much pain. Saying goodbye is so hard to do.








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