Saturday, October 24, 2015

You Scratch my Back, I Will Scratch Yours

Ms. Tiny started helping with the kids in September and then she was over so much, and between places to stay, and we have a spare bedroom. It started incidentally enough, she just stayed over the nights she was helping late, or came over the night before an early start. But then she slowly started staying more and more. Her stuff started filling the spare bedroom.


With Mr. Rogue working all the time, with my c-scetion, with how hard it is with my Little Cricket and keeping him busy I could really use the help more than just the initial month that Ms. Tiny and I agreed on. So we sat down and had a serious conversation about how it is going. Thankfully it is working out for all of us. Ms. Tiny loves my kids, and well they just adore her too. So we agreed that for the time being she can officially live with us, she will continue helping with the kids until at least after December. I need someone to watch Mr. Rogue when we are out of town for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. And then after Christmas just take it as it comes. Eventually she will get another job as an RN. But for now we are all happy.

On her end she asked that the closet be cleaned out a bit to fit more of her stuff, and she asked for a shelf in the kitchen for her food. I spent the rest of the day getting the room cleaned up from more space. Win, wins don’t happen often and when they do I scoop them up and hug them to me with both hands.



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Wow, an extra set of hands :)

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