Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Week in Moments: My Little Cricket 2 ½ Years Old (30 Months)

Ahhhh my Little Cricket you are full of light and joy and make me son incredibly happy. I love seeing you grow. I love seeing you explore. I worry about all your little bumps and bruises. I worry about your development and that you still really aren’t talking. But you baby don’t have anything to worry about. Mommy is working on getting all of this figured out. This month you started giving me the sweetest little kisses. Every time I think that there isnt any way I could possibly love you more, you do something that makes me love you even more. I have never been happier than when you have entered my life.




Your little sister is becoming more and more interesting to you. This month you have started participating in some of our routine. You are now handing me or her the bottle, giving her her pacifier and giving me a diaper. You are also handing the item and saying ‘thank you’ which is totally adorable. It is so sweet to see you both together. I hope and pray I can help you both become the best for friends. You are such a great little helper. You love helping with the laundry, answering the door and getting packages and mail. You are also super smart and oh so resourceful. You can’t open the lock on the front door yet, thank god, but I caught you using your stool and trying to figure out how to get that lock open.








I brought out a bunch of baby stuff that was packed away for your sister. And you have loved exploring all of your old stuff. Everything needs to be check out and figured out. I was washing both of your car seat covers and you even crawled into the car seat to work on the straps.



You have been doing so well with your speech therapist. You have now had 6 sessions and although the progress has been slow you are saying some new words. The therapist is helping you of course but she is also helping me work on some strategies that I can incorporate during the week. Right now we are focusing on trying to get you to mimic. You really won’t mimic words well at all, and mimicking is super important to learning language. The good news is that you are speaking. We just need to get you picking up more words. You are doing amazing with your counting now, you can count to 10 walking up the stairs (which we do several times a day). These built in routines help me make sure that we work on things during the day. You are saying several new words consistently and in the right context this month.

Ready, set, go – you are saying this all of the time

Progress is slow, but at least we are making progress. I am hoping that the speech therapist is right, that once we get you to understand to mimic, and that words are powerful to get what you want, then your language will EXPLODE so quickly.





You are still not interested in potty training at all, you aren’t even telling me when you have a dirty diaper yet. Frankly I cannot tell if you seriously don’t know when you have a poopy diaper or you just don’t care. Regardless I am working with you on at least acknowledging that your diaper is dirty by being overly dramatic. I sniff, I say ‘ewwww stinky diaper’, I make big facial expressions and then I have you help get your diaper. We talk about why I need to change your diaper and then you go off to play again. Hopefully after a few weeks you will start to be able to vocalize that you went to the bathroom and that you are ready to be changed, and then we can work on next steps.




Ms. Tiny has been living with us and it has been such a HUGE help. You absolutely adore her and I am finally getting a little time to work on my very very long to do list.


You have been oh so tired this month. Taking your normal 12 hour night sleep and then sleeping again anywhere between a 2.5-4 hour nap a day. It has been crazy insane. I thought about waking you, to keep you on your normal schedule, but you are obviously tired and obviously needed it. You are so tired that sometimes you just chill out in bed you DO NOT want to get out. I know just how you feel buddy. Maybe this is just a growth spurt.




You also have three molars coming in. Maybe that is playing into how tired you are this month. You have also started crossing your fingers this month and you knaw on them. You aren’t super interested in any kind of teething things so you found something for yourself.


You are still a picky eater. You will have an awesome week where you will eat almost everything I give you and then the next day almost nothing. It is so maddening being a parent sometimes. I worry that you aren’t getting enough calories. I spoke to your pediatrician and we agreed to start feeding your pedisure last month to make sure that you are getting enough calories. I am not a huge fan of them because I would rather you eat your calories than drink them. But until we get in to a food specialist this will have to do. You are rarely upset but this month you had your first temper tantrum, you wanted a pedisure, so I opened it for you and then you freaked out. You wanted to open it yourself apparently. It’s funny because instead of getting frustrated I was so happy. Because it is developmentally appropriate for you to have tantrums.




You loved Halloween. I was a little worried that it would be too scary for you but you loved all the costumes and all the fun we had. Of course what you loved most was all the candy. I gave you a few pieces on Halloween day and then put the rest away. We made a big deal of bringing out the Halloween bucket once a day in the afternoon and you got to pick out one piece; until I got rid of the rest. There was just too much candy.



Daddy has been home the last two weeks and you are LOVING having him around all of the time. And so am I. It is lovely to have someone help, and someone to be able to interact with you too.



You continue to love the train set your art class keeps putting out. I bought you such a cool train set for Christmas and I am so tempted to give it to you now. I cannot wait until Christmas to start playing with you and the train.


I take you out all the time. You are starting to listen better at the park. You are responding better to your name more and more and running off less. You now love holding my hand, when I used to have to fight you to keep you safe. We go to the mall often too, to go to the play place, and this month because you have been listening so well I tried to take you into the mall without putting you in the stroller. You got distracted a few times but you listened and you followed me to the play place. I was so proud of you, you did fantastic!







We got a new rug in the living room this month. You like to roll it up and scoot under it which drives me a little crazy. Playing on the floor is so much easier on my knees now.


It is November but it is still warm in LALA land. We have been out in the backyard playing in the pool. You love water so long as you can touch the bottom. But if we bring you in any kind of large pool you just clutch and hold tight until we take you out. We are going to have to do some swim lessons here soon I think.


You continue your love for collecting rocks. I think it is totally adorable that you love them so much. Often when we go for a walk you will find a pretty rock and then carry it for the rest of our walk.


You have been doing this super adorable yay when I turn on Curious George on TV. You don’t get to watch TV often so you get SUPER excited. I finally caught it on video this week. God I love you.


Jennifer Arens said...

I need to keep up on your blog more regularly! I keep seeing him change!

paul peggy zeus said...

I love how inquisitive Cricket is, he is always analyzing his surroundings. He makes me happy too!

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