Monday, November 23, 2015

My Little Rose: Four Months Old (17 Weeks)

Ahhhh we are on vacation and we are all together as a family traveling and exploring and having an awesome time. You are a rock star in the car going for hours of driving without too much of a fuss. You are like mama you like to sleep in the car. The nights are what are the hardest. Since we were already traveling with SO MUCH STUFF, and since you are still such a little peanut, we made the suit case your bed. It is something that I did in a pinch traveling to visit my grandparents and it worked like a charm, so why not for you too. I put two pillows in the base, and then your thin little bassinet mattress on top. It created this little cup and you just loved it. Most of the time we put the suit case bed on the couch or a table which worked out great. The issue when we got to the cabin is that there was so little space in the bedroom, and I wasn’t comfortable with you in the front living room. So you slept in your suit case bed, in the closet. It was a little ghetto superstar but it worked.







This week you made a new discovery… you found your feet. And now every single time I lay you down you immediately lift your feet up in the air and grab them. Such a little thing, but it is so super cute.



You are beginning to look like a prize fighter. You have the fastest, most razor sharp nails on the planet. And you also love to wave your hands around like a psycho. When you are tired you rub your face, rub your eyes, and scratch at your ears and the hair around your ears. Even though I cut your nails all the time you end up scratching yourself so often. SIGH. My poor baby; new nickname of the week… Scar Face.






It was really cold on some stops of the trip. In particular the second full day of our road trip while we were visiting the Petrified Forest. With freezing cold temperatures, super high winds and snow it was too cold I felt for you to be out of the car and hiking around. In order to give you a break from the car seat I sat with you a few times in the heated car while Daddy and your brother explored the area. You and me little girl, we are buddies.



You are growing out of size one diapers. You are right at the brink of switiching up to the next size but I am keeping you in these a little longer. Mostly because I am trying not to be wasteful and I have a big pack of size ones we are trying to use up. Unfortunately this means that you are exploding out of the diapers a few times a week. Apparently you are loving having poop and vomit explosions all over ONLY daddy… which by the way I am totally cool with. Perhaps in your appreciation that I am doing all the night feedings, regardless daddy and I now joke about your new system.



Daddy is helping with both kids so much. Normally he is at work so much that the bulk of all the kid stuff is my responsibility. He has been doing great with you helping with the baths, your feedings and diaper changes. When I got out of the shower one morning I found you both like this… your pants on your head. Apparently daddy has a hard time getting you dressed. You are after all not exactly cooperative.


We used the bottle prop up method so much this trip. You still aren’t old enough to hold the bottle yourself. And we were out and about SO MUCH that this was just easier than taking you out and trying to take time out to feed you. It worked and it saved so much time.




The second baby syndrome is real. Your brother got zero screen time until he was almost two. You, you like to sneak up to anyone with an electronic and just chillax while watching. Of course we are limiting what you see and stop it once I notice you are watching but on a trip where we are limited in our entertainments we let it slide a bit. Ahhh it’s a slippery slope.



You, my Little Rose, are just too perfect. We all adore you.


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