Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Westside Regional Center Update

I had a quick meeting today with my coordinator at the Westside Regional Center. I am slowly learning that this is all just a political mess, do the bare minimum system. Government sucks, big business sucks, the case workers are overworked and underpaid – which shows. On top of everything else, things move so slowly it is painful, as in physically, knife in the heart, bleeding all over the floor, brain crushingly painful. Bottom line my Little Cricket isn’t meeting the original speech goals that we set. Although I have seen changes, and I am thankful that we are moving in the right direction, it is just frustrating that even those changes are slow.

Also, even though we were just assessed for OT, and we got denied, my speech therapist helped me make a case for my Little Cricket to get assessed again. My speech therapist was amazed that we were denied the first time. And with her help, because what the hell do I know, we made a case to my caseworker. A few phone calls and some not so light nudging and we finally got Westside Regional Center to agree to another evaluation. We also got approved for that evaluation to be made by a different OT, one that my speech therapist knew of, and who would hopefully give us a more accurate assessment. Sadly, as I mentioned earlier everything is slow, so we will have to wait a month or two to get the paperwork through the system and the actual appointment scheduled, the assessment done and then the results. Sigh.

With that out of the way I brought up center based preschool as an option again. I was told again, like I was told two months ago that he doesn’t need it and doesn’t qualify. However I now know that I have to stand up and fight for the things I believe are right for my child. So I pushed and I argued and guess what we are moving forward to get that approved as well. It sucks that I have to fight so hard for the things that my son clearly needs, that I have to browbeat and complain several times before anyone will listen. He has a right to get these services. But the Regional Center in the end is a business, and as a business I am hearing through the grapevine that they push back on things to save costs. Aka, only the squeaky wheel gets the services.

Lastly, I mentioned again that we have been seeing some autistic signs and that I would like the regional center to screen my Little Cricket for autism. Apparently they do that when a child is almost three, when he is exiting the regional center. Any testing earlier than 3 isn’t as valid since children are changing so much and each at their own pace. Sometime in March or April we will get screened and we will have an answer from them, in the mean time I am continuing with our appointment at the UCLA CAN clinic in December and an appointment with a developmental pediatrician.


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