Thursday, October 22, 2015

It’s Gonna be a Ringling Brother’s Kind of Halloween

I love love love love love Halloween. LIKE LOVE IT!!! Usually I spend weeks, months planning, our Halloween costumes. But this year I am behind the ball. We just flew in two days ago. I got some rest yesterday and then today decided to hit the ground running. I have had an idea for a while, I just wasn’t sure I was going to have enough energy to pull it off.

Screw sleep, screw rest, I wanted to make the costumes. I wanted to get them done and made all by myself. We were going to go as a circus family. Mr. Rogue would go as a ring master; My Little Cricket will be going as a strongman. I really really really wanted my Little Rose to go as a bearded lady, I thought it would be funny. But Mr. Rogue had a huge temper tantrum about. So I decided that I would go as the bearded lady. But Mr. Rogue put his foot down on that as well. And so I decided my Little Rose would go as a cute little flashy, pink infused lion. Then I was going to go as a fun, gauzy pink clown of some kind.

So today with our selections of what we were all going to go as made, with my free time, I found some templates and ideas of what I was looking to transform us into.



My first stop was the fabric store. The Joanne Fabric by our house apparently closed. Which I found out when I drove into the now vacant parking lot. SIGH. So I found another fabric store close by, the Fabric Planet. A fun funky personable place that was super fun and packed with all kinds of fabulous crafty girl things. So many ideas, so little time. With the help of the super crazy, oh so helpful fabric artist I got all the things on my list. I got fun sparkly pink and shimmery satin pink material to doctor up my Little Rose’s lion costume. I got red and white stripped material for my sons pants. I got gold metal fabric for my Little Cricket’s strong man belt. And I got lots of fun colors of gauze for my tulle skirt.





After the fabric store I headed over to the hardware store. I wanted to get some tubing, duct tape and spray paint so I could make dumb bell for my strong man. Once all of that was done I had to get home to my babies. I am sure I will be up super late from now until Halloween. I hope I finish.



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who needs pinterest when you are arts and craftsy?

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