Saturday, November 14, 2015

Family Road Trip - Packing for the Big Road Trip

I have such wonderful fabulous awesome memories of all the road trips and camping trips and super fun family vacations that we went on when I was a kid. I love to travel. I love to travel by boat, by plane, by car. I love to travel in five star resorts with fine dining and shows in the city. I love to travel in the great outdoors with a tent and an outhouse. I also love that my man loves to travel with me, in whatever adventure I cook up. This trip has been in the works for a while. The idea was to visit my parents for a week for Thanksgiving, I simply added a week road trip onto that. We would rent a big ass SUV. We would map a fun journey out. And we would drive to my parents stopping at lots of cool places. And then we would drop the car off and simply fly home.

Packing for this trip was challenging. We would be going through freezing cold temperatures, and then ending in a much warmer climate. We would also be in and out of hotels, sleeping somewhere new every night, and I didn’t want to lug everything in every evening. We wanted a cooler for the car. We needed the stroller and the baby carrier. We needed a crib for my Little Rose. We needed snacks for the long road trip. And we somehow had to take only so much as we could fly home with.

In the end I had to pack for flying, aka make sure we had minimal baggage but also within the airline weight limits. And then once I had everything weighed I had to deconstruct it into a small bag system so we could easily go into and out of a different hotel every night for the next 7 days.

It took all day. Mr. Rogue and I went and picked up the car. We spent the rest of the day packing everything in and trying to create a quazi organized car system. Thank goodness we opted for the HUGE SUV choice. This thing was a beast. And then we just had to wait. We were leaving at the crack of dawn for leg one of our trip. I get almost as excited planning and preparing for a trip as I do actually taking the trip. Two whole weeks with my little family. Two whole weeks of adventure and fun and memories. I am overflowing with JOY!




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you really needed that huge truck for all the stuff the kids will need on your big trip.

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