Saturday, November 21, 2015

Family Road Trip - Day 7: Getting to San Antonio

As per our normal trip schedule we usually drive to the next cool place in the evening before stopping at our hotel, however I encountered a bit of a problem when planning this trip, there is virtually NOTHING between Carlsbad and Medina Lake. I even looked a little further afield, we after all obviously don’t mind driving out of our way to see something cool. But nada… nothing… flat desert plain of doom. And so last night we drove a bit and this morning we drove a bit more. Adding to deviating from our normal schedule the breakfast at this hotel was non-existent, and to add insult to injury there wasn’t a single restaurant open for breakfast in town.

Now I live in LALA land, where you can get anything, at any time, all the time. So to not have ANY options, other than a McDonalds 20 minutes away, almost made my brain pop.

Again I remind you we are in the middle of the NOTHINGNESS.


We only had about three hours of driving left, so it was an easy morning. Both kids snoozed on the way and then we finally arrived at the trailer park my parents are staying at. If you are new to the blog my parents are hippies. They don’t own a home. Instead they own a trailer and they move every two weeks to another trailer park. They (usually) slowly move from location to location, going north in the summer and running to the sunny states in the south for the winter. This week they were at a Thousand Trails.


When we arrived the grandparents scooped up the kids. No love for me, their only daughter, oh no, I am just the chauffer of the tiny adorable grandchildren. All kidding aside we were glad to finally be together and the kids were super happy to be officially out of the car seats. Both kids did amazing on our road trip but they would much rather be free running around, or snuggled on someone’s lap. Lap snuggles are definitely the best.





Sadly it was raining pretty hard for most of the day. When it let up for a bit we left the kids with the grandparents and went to check into our cabin. We were hoping to get all the luggage in the cabin before the rain started again. Although it sprinkled a little we did manage to get everything in, mostly dry. This cabin is TINY. A little family room, where all of our luggage was currently living. A tiny kitchen, a tinier bathroom with the smallest shower I have ever seen and a bedroom so small you could barely walk around the bed. At least it was clean. And once we were ready to put the kids to bed they seemed happy with their space.

SO SO SO SO tired. Its my new mantra. Exhaustion.





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paul peggy zeus said...

Wow that cabin is tiny! how do they expect a family of four to eat at that tiny little table. Not bad if you are Tom Thumb!

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