Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Family Road Trip - Day 3: Phoenix Zoo

I really am loving how this trip is set up. We spend all day having fun and then spend the evening driving to the next location. What is lacking is the late nights that we get into the hotels. Last night we didn’t get to bed until 11:30 at night. I was up twice with the baby for diaper changes and feedings. I was REALLY REALLY hoping that since we got to bed so late that everyone would sleep in this morning. But apparently in addition to getting the really weird honeymoon room, we got a room with lots of windows. Which equals to tons of light. Which means that the kids woke at dawn. Our dreams of sleeping in are shot.

I ran downstairs and grabbed some breakfast food and brought it back to the hotel room. That way we could shower, get ready and feed the kids. Once we were back in the car we made a pit stop at the Apple Store. Mr. Rogue dropped my phone yesterday. My new beautiful amazing at taking pretty photos phone. And well I need my phone for this trip. Not need, I’m going to die need, but need in a I really really want it first world problem need. And so I left Mr. Rogue in the car with the kids and I waited right outside the front doors for the store to open. At least I was the first one in the store, and therefore the first one to get helped.



Thankfully my phone just needs to get the lens replaced. And I got a case, soemthing that Mr. Rogue assures me would have prevented the lens shattering in the first place. The fix is something that is easy, that is inexpensive and that should only take an hour or two to fix. I left my phone at the Genius Bar and let him know that I would pick it up after our day full of fun. Today we were going to the Phoenix Zoo. A day where my Little Cricket could run around all day and where we could discover some cool new animals. My Little Cricket is super excited to not be stuck in the car again today.














The zoo was good, not fantastic good (we are spoiled for life being used to the San Diego Zoo) but it was good good. Plus it did what we needed to do today. Was to let my Little Cricket have free reign all day running around.









After a long day running around after my Little Cricket. We headed over to the Apple Store. And then on the way to the store I freaked out. FREAKED OUT. I lost one of my diamond earrings. I looked everywhere but knew it was hopeless. I probably lost it somewhere at the zoo while playing with the kids. It sucks. I totally LOVE these earrings. First my phone, now my favorite pair of earrings. SIGH. I got to the Apple Store ready for my new phone, only to find out that they cannot fix the camera lens. That the camera lens is part of the whole body, and that my only option is to get a whole new phone. After working out with a manger how to get a whole new phone in the next hour, and then working with the crew on setting up iCloud for the photos I already have on the phone, and then transferring all my data to the cloud, and then getting the new phone set up I finally managed to get my new phone. Thankfully there was a Cheesecake Factory in the same complex and we were able to eat while Apple weeded through that mess.


Fed with a full tank of gas we got on the road for the 3.5 hour drive to our hotel in Wilcox. Mr. Rogue and I are now both vying to drive. You see the driver gets to hang out and just drive. The passenger is the person who is constantly ‘looking for stuff’. Aka the baby needs a bottle, the driver wants a drink, my Little Cricket wants a snack, or a game, or a movie.

Despite wanting to get to bed early tonight we arrived at our hotel late again. The iPhone problem through our time schedule off a bit. We all crawled into bed at 11:30pm.

Can I die from lack of sleep… I am so tired.


Jennifer Arens said...

Oh can't things just work?!

paul peggy zeus said...

The cactus slide looks super cool, and I loved Cricket and the Baboon miming one another.

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