Sunday, October 25, 2015

Daddy is Home at Last

I am used to my husband’s schedule at work. We have been together 11 years after all. He has this crazy cyclical schedule at work. Every other year, or every third year they ship a product. The year of the shipment is an insane crazy schedule. Each shipment year is getting harder and harder, particularly now that we have two tiny humans.



But I am not going to think about all the hard right now. The hard months of being super pregnant and running after a high energy toddler. Of giving birth to our daughter, of getting surgery and recovering from that surgery. All the late night feedings and early morning breakfasts with my toddler. It has been more than rough.


But now Mr. Rogue is home on break. His product has shipped. The crunch and crazy hours are over. He has five straight weeks off of work. Five glorious, wonderful, fabulous weeks.

Life is Good!




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