Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Little Much Needed Maintenance

Having a baby, it destroys the beauty routine. I didn’t get any work done in fear that something would cause something horrible to happen to the baby. And then I didn’t get anything done after the baby was born, because who really has time for that. This week with Mr. Rogue home I took a little time and I got my hair done, I got my eyebrows threaded (a new for me) and then I went and splurged on a little new makeover and some makeup. I went to the mall and had fun at the Chanel counter. The woman raved about my beautiful German skin and then even through in a few free sample face creams as a bonus.






Next up getting to the dentist for a cleaning and to get my teeth whitened. Hurrah for a more manicured me!

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Jennifer Arens said...

It is so nice to have a check-up isn't it?!

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