Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pittsburgh: We Done Gone and Growed Up

After 10.5 hours of traveling yesterday I was exhausted last night. We didn’t make it too long, I just had to go to bed, and good thing I did, because my little Rose was up 3 times to eat. Sigh. It is so hard having a tiny two month old and not be in your own space. Thankfully she didn’t wake up my Little Cricket, that kid can sure sleep through anything thank God. But between my Little Rose’s late night waking and the pump session I had to fit in I got very little sleep.

Sleep… what is sleep. I know everyone says that this is the most amazing time, and I really am treasuring my young children, but I will be so happy when I get to actually sleep again.

This morning was a slow go. Ms. Pool Shark had to dart off to get her car, which was in the shop, which is why she couldn’t pick me up from the airport. I stayed home with the kids, my Little Rose napping, Little Ms. Sparkle (Ms. Pool Shark’s daughter) and my Little Cricket catching a show, and me pumping again. Sigh, I really hate pumping, but I hate pumping even more while traveling. I am DETERMINED however to last until at least 6 months.

Once we finally had Ms. Pool Sharks car we attempted to get three car seats in one row. HURRAH it worked. It was tight, and Little Ms. Sparkle had to go in the middle between my two little ones, but they fit. We could have put up the third row, but we needed that big trunk for the stroller and all the bags. As I sat gazing back trying to get a photo of all three kids I paused. It wasn’t long ago both Ms. Pool Shark and I were in college, dating, sorting through boy problems, working our butts off, going out dancing, hustling at the pool tables and sleeping until noon. Now we have three little people in the back seat, men that love us, goddesses of our homes, mothers. We have both grown so much. So so so much.


With everyone piled in the car we headed to eat, PF Changs of course, and then to a park so the kids could get their wiggles out. Not the most exciting day trip in the whole world but we can only do as much as we can do. Besides we are here all week for adventures.






Back at home we celebrated my belated birthday (four days ago) with some yummy fancy cupcakes, a candle, a birthday song and some fun presents. My Little Cricket just loves chocolate, just like his mama. I just don’t wear it as well as he does.







After we got the kids to bed we hung out as we cleaned up. Believe it or not this room was sparkling clean about an hour ago. Between me unpacking my diaper bag from the car, cleaning pump parts, our cupcake celebration and opening gifts we made a bit of a mess.


Of course once cleaning was done, and we hung out for a bit I still had to pump before heading off to bed. Pumping I am starting to really loath it. I keep hearing the whirl of the machine and I keep chanting to myself that I can do this, that I have a goal, that I want my daughter (the laziest sucker in the world) to have breastmilk for as long as possible. Then at 11:00 I crawled up to bed, I am not disillusioned enough to think I am actually going to get much sleep though.


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Jennifer Arens said...

You make the most of it and I love it. Kids never remember messy kitchens either! Your birthday cupcakes looked great!

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