Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Week in Moments: My Little Cricket 29 Months Old

Went on your bazillionth flight this month. Well not really bazillionth but this is another of many flights you have taken. I am so happy that you travel well. That you are such an easy going guy. I love to travel and it would have been terribly difficult for me to have to stay home because the difficulty of traveling would have been too great with a fussy child. This week we flew to Pittsburgh and next week we will drive to Atlanta before coming back home. Two weeks away from our home and our routine and everything that is comfortable and normal. Two weeks without baby gates, and baby locks and a my Little Cricket proofed home. Two weeks that we are both going to spend sleeping sharing the bed. Two weeks where your sister, who I am sure is going to be up at least 2-3 times a night for diaper changes and feedings, is also sharing a room with us. Hope this all works out and that you sister doesn’t wake you up too many times. And I hope that I can get a few hours of sleep a night this trip. Sniff Sniff Sniff, I miss sleep so much.


Your favorite toy by far right now are your magnatilies. You still build things, especially lately high towers with wooden blocks that you love to crash down with daddy, but the magnatiles are taking your building love to a whole new level. You are building so many cool things, some designs on the floor but also buildings and garages and rockets. The sky is the limit. I love how analytical and creative you are.





I have been working with you for weeks on holding on to the stroller when we are walking. You want to walk more and more, which I don’t mind. What I do mind is that you like to dart off. You run FAST and since I have to push the stroller for your sister (and as a place to put you if you are not listening) I need you to walk AND be safe. Finally this past week you are totally listening. If we are walking near a road or if I want you to stay close you will now walk with your hand locked around the side bar of the stroller. WIN WIN little buddy.


Your eating is officially driving me insane. Your acceptable to eat food list is getting smaller and smaller every single day. Things you used to eat without any problem are now a huge problem. In complete frustration I tried to force feed you macaroni and cheese this month. You were PISSED and kicked up a huge fuss, but you know what, after three bites you decided that you liked it and then you licked the bowl clean. My heart cannot handle trying to force feed you,, it was awful and just not for us, but I at least now know that you can eat other things and like them. I really need to get someone to help me with some strategies that will get you to at least try more foods. That will go on my long long long long list of things I need to do. SIGH.




In other news you are becoming quite the little creative two year old individual. You are exploring and testing your boundaries and most of the time I take these moments in stride. But there have been a few doozies this month that leave me shaking my head. There was your newfound love of pulling leaves off of plants on our walks that transitioned into pulling the leaves off of our very expensive beautiful fake indoor trees… so not cool Cricket! And then there was the extra sauces we leave stored in the silverware drawer, you decided to get into them, open them, and then create beautiful art all over yourself and the kitchen floor. Ahhhh, the beauty of a two year old right.



Trying to get ready for our trip this week you had more unsupervised play than normal because I was desperately trying to get things done. And you found creative ways to use that time, helping me put away the silverware, playing with the bedside lamps while sitting on the nightstand, using your wicked climbing skills to reach the light switches, attempting to fold yourself into smaller and smaller boxes, chilling in your bed AND your sisters bed, and helping move the just cleaned laundry off the bench and onto the floor.









Since we are leaving next week daddy spent extra quality time with you. You two are attached at the hip when he is home. He is your very most favorite person.




You have now been in speech therapy for two weeks this month. Which means that you have had four actual hours of speech therapy. That therapy coupled with being around Ms. Pool Sharks little four year old for a week and a half has resulted in a large increase in your language skills. Hopefully all you need is a little bit of quality therapy, a really good jump start to talking, and then you will catch up. I can’t wait for you to actually talk!
- cracker
- on
- off
- I do
- ready, set, go



You are really loving music. I notice when singing songs with you or when music is playing you are getting way more engaged. I love to see your joy of music and I hope it continues as you grow. In fact I would love to get you into a music class that works for you. We tried one a couple of months ago, and although I thought you really enjoyed the music the class structure wasn’t set up in a way that worked for you. Maybe we can try a different one in a few months once things settle down a little. P.S. you dance just like daddy!

You are adorable, and curious, and mischievous, and funny, and happy (oh so very very happy). I am so thankful that you are happy and healthy however I am worried about your development. Ms. Pool Shark and I had a long conversation this week and I decided to finally get you tested for Autism. I am worried at your continued lack of speech, I am worried that you don’t turn to me when I call your name most of the time now. I am worried that there are also some strange things that are coming out more with the stress and lack of sleep you have been on with this trip. Put it all together and I can no longer bury the nagging worry I have. I have been having these feelings for MONTHS and MONTHS but have let myself or others talk me out of getting further testing. We are going to hope for the best, but plan for a diagnosis. I hope to god you don’t have autism, but if you do there is nothing to worry about. Mama will always love you, and I will fight to be sure that you get the best of whatever you need. You are my bright shining star. There isn’t anything that we can’t do together.





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