Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pittsburgh: Science Center

And the whirl wind continues. Little Ms. Sparkle is sick, I am sick, my Little Cricket is sick, and the baby is sick. WAAAAAAA. Thankfully we all just have runny noses and a little cough, it’s nothing major, it’s just incredibly annoying not to be able to breath. SIGH. Its even more heartbreaking to see my Little Rose at only two months old deal with a stuffy nose. She was up even more than normal last night… not that I can blame her.

We got some yummy food at a low key sports bar. And then we were off to the science center. Little Ms. Sparkle was a rock star on the rock climbing wall and my Little Cricket just loved exploring. Because Little Ms. Sparkle and my Little Cricket have a 2.5 year age difference we split up for a while. Ms. Pool Shark and Little Ms. Sparkle headed to explore some of the older kid exhibits while my kids and I headed to the toddler area (which my Little Cricket LOVED). They had so many cool things for him to get into and a few nice little benches for me to rest on.








We ended our night at home, OH SO TIRED. I know I sound like a broken record, sometimes I feel like a broken record. Life is hard right now. I don’t regret coming, I love traveling and visiting friends, but three years of sleep deprivation and the WORK that comes along with being a mom too two kids two and under is tough. Tonight Ms. Pool Shark made Gourmet BLTs, I say gourmet because we put avocado on them. They were easy to make and delicious. And we skipped bath time. And we went to bed at 8:00. Lifestyles of the crazy moms.



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