Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pittsburgh: A Little Break Before the Storm

Originally the plan today was for Mr. Pool Shark to take his daughter, Little Ms. Sparkle, and My Little Cricket to the zoo. But I am emotional, and this is my little baby, and he doesn’t know Mr. Pool Shark well, and so I didn’t take the break that I desperately wanted or needed. But I’m a mom, and the type of mom I want to be, that I am, doesn’t apparently allow me to take the easy road. That I even considered it shows just how tired I am.

In order to give Ms. Pool Shark the break she needed, aka a house empty of house guests and noisy children, I took my kids back to the Children’s Museum. We spent several hours playing in all his favorite places at the museum and then we headed home to pack.






The whole reason for this trip was to go to Atlanta for my Niece’s baby shower. I just looped in a trip to see Ms. Pool Shark because she is my bestie. As I was making plans and letting my family know that I would be flying into Atlanta from Pittsburgh, they being the awesome family they are, invited Ms. Pool Shark to come too. The more the merrier after all. Hence why we are now making a road trip down to Atlanta. Originally we were going to be leaving in the morning but then we decided to leave tonight and break the drive up into two days. That’s us, change of plans no biggie. Of course we didn’t get out of the house exactly when we wanted but we made it on the road with a good amount of time to make it to the half-way point. The car is packed to the brim, the kids are in the car, and we were ready to have an adventure.


3 hours later we were hungry, it was time to stop and get something to eat. One of my skills that is getting better and better with time is finding amazing things in the area. So when I was looking for something for us to eat we couldn’t just pull over for something dull. Where is the adventure in that. Instead I found a little bed and breakfast CafĂ© Cimino Country Inn. Sure it was 20 minutes off the highway, and would therefore add time to our trip. But amazingness is worth it. We took 3 hours to change diapers, get settled, eat a fabulous long drawn out amazingly delicious meal, and then change diapers again.








Full we got back on the road, the kids passed out and we made it to our midway goal by midnight, a result of leaving later than we wanted and stopping to smell the roses with our long meal.

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Jennifer Arens said...

Oh what a heavenly trip!

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