Monday, October 19, 2015

My Little Rose: 12 Weeks Old

My Little Rose,

We are still traveling, you still are waking up all the time at night to feed, and I am still losing my mind over the lack of sleep. Thankfully we are having a ton of fun which balances out all the work, or at least I think it does… GOD I have never been this tired. This week we are visiting with family and it fills my heart to overflowing that you are so loved and how much better both of our world is when we are surrounded by family. It is something we don’t get often enough because sadly most of our family lives out of state.






You continue to love to grab anything within reach and you are getting both quick and strong. This week you started INTENTIONALLY trying to rip out all of my hair. Sure in the past you may have accidentally grabbed a strand or two but now you get a death grip on a whole fistful and you hold on for dear life. Ineveitably you either ninja quick RIP, or you go into the long hold where I have to wrestle my hair out of your hands. You usually manage to get a ton of my hair out either way. Ouch. I can’t really afford to lose anymore hair, since I am in that lovely postpartum phase where my hair starts falling out in bucketful’s. Seriously the amount of hair I find in the shower, my brush, all over my pillow, literally strands everywhere I want to cry. In fact I have a lovely bald spot now on the right side of my forehead… but we won’t get into how my body is literally falling apart right now. Besides any pain I have to suffer is totally worth it, you are my biggest joy. Oh look, more photos of you with your pretty baby headband, you are adorable.







Sadly my milk supply has dipped really low and we are continuing to supplement with 4-8 ounces of formula a day. I think so many things are going on to affect my milk, the stress with all the traveling being the prime suspect, and therefore I am not producing enough pumped milk to keep up with you. Thankfully you are doing awesome with the formula, no gassy colicky episodes, no diarrhea.






You are continuing to get stronger with your head control. I can’t wait until you can sit up. Aside from being a huge milestone its also so much easier to take adorable photos of you.



You truly are so chill. You love your car seat thank goodness or we would never be able to travel like this. In the plane, on the road trip, every day as we are out and about having fun with family and friends, you continue to just be super mellow and go with the flow. I am so thankful you are such an awesome baby.




Your new favorite thing is grabbing your clothes and blankets and just yanking on them constantly. Its official you are a flasher.


For the past week you have been smacking your lips and even starting to stick out your tongue a little. I don’t think it’s because you are hungry, but rather you are just exploring your mouth and what you can do with it. So super cute. Seriously you make me smile all the time. Of course it is so hard to get a video of the adorable things you do, but I kept trying and finally got it.


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