Monday, October 12, 2015

My Little Rose: 11 Weeks Old

You are the best baby. Seriously you hardly fuss or cry, you are super chill, nothing really bothers you, and other than asking for food and cuddles you seem content to do whatever we do. Because you are such an easy baby and because I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to be there for Ms. Pixie’s baby shower I decided to travel with two kids by myself. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING. Traveling with one kid hard, traveling with two kids and with you being only 11 weeks old, oh and 11 weeks after surgery. I must be insane.



With that being said you did really well on the plane. It was your first flight, the first of many if I have my way, and you slept through most of it. You oke up, had a bottle, and then just looked around for the last part of our flight. Everyone on the plane was giving me high fives with how awesome you did. Oh yeah baby, you are a traveler for sure.


Of course traveling screwed up your sleep routine. Instead of giving me a good 6 hour window of sleep you were waking every 2 hours… all night long. Although the evenings were some kind of awful torture for me our crazy fun filled days were made that much easier because you then slept all day. Without any sleep my brain is starting to melt. No rest for the weak… I can always rest later.




And unfortunately another side effect of traveling is that you caught your first little cold. A cold you shared with me, or I shared with you. Regardless I am sure soon all 5 of us will be sick. I have been propping up your bassinet at night so you can breathe a little easier. Hopefully this will pass through quickly.






I often get stopped when we are out and about so someone can tell me how adorable you are. Aside from your natural adorableness it helps that your accessories are equally as cute. Gotta love Pittsburgh, the land where it is cold enough to wear a hat. You are such a beautiful happy little baby.





The older you get the more I think you are looking like your daddy. Everyone calls you my mini me, and I love it, but when I look at the details I am seeing more of your dad than when you were first born. You have your dads eyes for sure, maybe his nose and you for sure have grandma’s dimple in your chin. I think you have my mouth and what looks like maybe my hair and of course your round little cherub face is all me.



Although I keep pumping, I am not pumping as much as I should be. I am trying my best. Really I am. But with taking care of a baby, having to bottle feed and then pump which doubles the time it should, and with watching my Little Cricket I just am having a hard time keeping a schedule that works. Plus with traveling and all of our outings, the stress of traveling, the cold and maybe not getting enough water my supply is down. So this week I started supplementing a little more with formula. I am trying not to stress myself out too much about it. I know when we get home and back on our routine we will get back to normal. Just gotta limp through these two traveling weeks. Thankfully you seem to care less weather you are eating breastmilk or formula. That at least is one good plus.



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