Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pittsburgh: Beautiful Sunshine, Settlers Park

The kids have been a little under the weather, nothing major just runny noses and slight coughs. Yesterday I started to feel sick and this morning I feel worse. Of course it is compounded by the fact that I am not getting any sleep. Sigh. I just hope that my Little Rose doesn’t get sick too. As part of our more preparations I got the potatoes marinade ready for tonight’s dinner (we are determined again to cook) and I had the most adorable little thyme helper, Little Ms. Sparkles.


We had lunch at a favorite Bocktown. Not amazing service but at least super yummy food.


And then we headed to the park. I was so envious of Ms. Pool Shark chilling out and resting on a bench while her 5 year old daughter Little Ms. Sparkle played. I was still in the race and run stage. The stage where my Little Cricket was big enough and daring enough to get into lots of trouble. That on top of the fact that he doesn’t listen well means that I really have to be right on top of him. A benefit to having a friend at the park with me, at least I could park my Little Rose with Ms. Pool Shark.













I took Little Ms. Sparkle and my Little Cricket on a little walk. MAN Pittsburgh in the fall is gorgeous. I love LALA land don’t get me wrong but we just don’t have weather like this. We don’t have the crisp kiss of fall, the colors in the trees everywhere, the profusion of GREEN. I just wished we lived closer to Ms. Pool Shark. I wish we could get together weekly instead of twice a year. I wish our kids had a chance to grow up together. We make it work as much as we can but man do I miss this.





Back at home Ms. Pool Shark and I divided and concurred. I gave the three kids a bath while she cooked dinner. Mayo and herb crusted Salmon with rosemary rubbed potatoes. Yummmm.



And now we go to bed. 8:00 this time. Hey don’t judge. Ms. Pool Shark is pregnant and I am up all night with a baby. We need sleep.

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Jennifer Arens said...

I can feel the pure joy through your photographs! Love you!

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