Sunday, October 18, 2015

Atlanta: A Day with the Family

Ms. Pool Shark and Little Ms. Sparkle left early this morning. They were off for a last adventure at the zoo before heading back to Pittsburgh. I really wanted to go with them, the zoo sounded fun, but it was family time and family wanted to do lunch. And so I said goodbye to my friend and had breakfast with my fabulous in-laws.


After a little rest in the first peace and quiet I have had in 10 days we piled into my in-laws car and headed to our big family brunch. I got to sit next to Ms. Pixie and her man and so I got to visit and get to know him a bit better. I’m so super excited for her and the new life she is going to start soon. She is super happy, glowing.



After a long two hour lunch we headed over to the Avalon mall, all of us minus the Pixie’s who were headed back home to Athens. We visited the play area. The kids, even the big ones, played on the giant squirrels and they even got to ride the train.






I was back in my room with the kids at 5:00pm. I fed the kids. Admittedly in front of the tv. I ate some leftovers in the fridge. We bathed and then we were all in bed by 6:30. Sleep. I just need to sleep.


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Jennifer Arens said...

I think the new additions Dad fits in quite nicely to the fam :)

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