Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Where Ziplock Bags Saved my Life… AGAIN!

I had to pack today to go to Pittsburgh. Over the past week I have been gathering a huge pile of things we were going to need on the chair in our room. You can no longer see the chair, but at least with this system I can pack over time. Today however I needed to get everything organized and I had to work on the logistics of getting everything we needed onto the plane.

Ms. Tiny offered to watch the kids while I tackled the packing, but first we needed food. She really wanted to try a new place around the corner ‘Bru’s Counter’ so we hauled the kids out of the house and went. OMG YUMMMMM. We split the mushroom burger and their famous dish chicken and waffle. And now I feel like I have the energy to get to work.







Packing and getting ready for myself as well as two kids two and under is no joke. I needed a completely new system in order to keep me from losing my mind. Enter in the ever handy Ziplock bag. I ordered ones of various sizes and sorted all of our clothes into day bags. As in an extra change of clothes per child and then a few extra changes of clothes for me too (you know for the inevitable messes that get on me from my lovely kids). Hopefully this new way of packing will make everything stay quazi organized while traveling.


After I finished packing our two gigantic bags (that I am checking) I started getting ready our carry on. I decided to bring one roller board with everything we would need for the plane in it. A ton of diapers (I have gotten stuck in the airport with delayed flights and have run out of diapers), lots of toys, snacks, extra outfits for us all and my Little Cricket was getting a treat, we decided to convert our old iPad into his iPad. I bought a super bumper protector that I love, and that I am hoping will prevent the iPad from getting destroyed. We have given my Little Cricket a phone with games on it on rare occasions but I am hoping that the iPad (which we plan only to use while traveling) will keep him super occupied during the flight, the road trip and at several points when he is required to sit more than he is at home. I turned to the internet and to other moms for advice on what apps are the best. After lots of research on which were educational and fun these are the ones I decided on.
- Daniel tiger day and night
- Sago Mini Fairy Tales
- Endless Reader (Endless Alphabet)
- Toca Band – all Toca apps are great
- Playha us
- Bugs and Buttons
- Marco Polo Ocean
- Dianosaur Train
- Smarty Pro
- Alpha Tots & Tally Tots Pocket
- Paper Town Friends
- Counting Caterpillar
- Sids Science Fair


I am not a nervous traveler but I am nervous about the logistics of getting all this crap to the airport, onto the plane and back off again with two tiny kids. At times I think I might be crazy to even attempt to travel without my husband to help. But I want to travel, I need to travel, I love to travel; so this just what I have to get used too to do what I want. So back to logistics, I have:
- 2 large check in bags
- Double Stroller with my Little Rose’s car seat attached (which I will use on the plane) the rest of the stroller will have to be gate checked right before we get on the plane
- my Little Cricket’s giant and heavy car seat
- roller bag with all of our carry on plane stuff we need

The problem was how do I push the stroller with both kids in it and carry the car seat through the airport. It won’t fit on the stroller I tried that. So I tried a mommy hack I found in a travel thread. I got a double latch bar and two large circle rings. I bought a new black small carryon sized roller bag and I used the new latch system to ATTACH the car seat’s anchors onto the roller bag. Viola. I push the stroller with one hand and I pull the roller bag/car seat contraption with the other. Hopefully it works tomorrow!




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