Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pittsburgh: Ticket for Three – We are Off

I had Ms. Tiny take me to the airport, so I could be sure to have a little help getting the car seats, bags and stroller together. Unfortunately there wasn’t any curbside check-in for my flight. Seriously people. I finally find a porter to help me get my bags to the counter. Once everything was checked in I had a little less stress. I can do this.

Security was a fun messed up, messy mess. The poor people behind me. I had:
- 2 car seats on the belt
- 4 bins (1 ipad, 1 milk, 1 shoes, 1 stuff)
- my carry on roller board
- a small diaper bag
- the stroller seat
- and then I had to flag someone down to get stroller hand checked – because it doesn’t fit on the belt.

And all the while I have my Little Rose strapped to my chest and I am clutching my two year olds hand (because if I don’t hold tight he WILL bolt. If it wasn’t such a crazy moment I would have taken a photo.

I got to the gate and tried to fix our tickets; because all three of us were sitting at different rows on the plane. Unfortunately the gate agent was completely frazzled, unhappy and just plain rude. She told me to go sit down but that I might just need to take the next flight. Pissed I bit my tongue… because the gate agent is the queen of her little dung hill and I know from experience (I was a flight attendant for a year) that you do NOT piss off the gate agent. Besides just recently I pissed off a city official and it landed me in a ton of city permit do-do. I learned my lesson. Thankfully after the drama cleared up and her line went away the gate agent called me up and handed me our now fixed (all in one row) tickets. I thanked her smiled and walked away. Sometimes it pays to keep your Ally McBeal thoughts to yourself.

I got on the plane without too much trouble and my kids… they were amazing. I had kept Little Ms. Rose awake until we got on the plane, exhausted she fell asleep and stayed asleep for four of the five hour flight. HOLLA!




With my Little Rose sleeping I was able to give my Little Cricket tons of attention. We played with string games, magnets, paper clips, rubber bands, sticky pads. We colored and then I let him play with the phone. Around 4 hours into the flight, with an hour left, my Little Rose woke up and my son was getting a little tired, a little fussy so I handed him the iPad. I didn’t hear a single peep from him for the rest of the flight.








The real problem happened when I landed. Ms. Pool Shark couldn’t pick me up and there wasn’t a porter. With so much stuff to lug there was no way I was going to get everything to the taxi station. In frustration and when I was about to cry a little old lady who had been trying to help me find SOMEONE to help me offered to push the stroller. So I tied my two large bags together. I pulled the large bags with one hand and the roller bag with the other. I Hercules dragged everything to the taxi stand. I am woman hear me roar.

Ms. Pool Shark smothered us with love when we walked in the door. Traveling for 10.5 hours the kids were now done. We had soda and Olive Garden and relaxed. We are here. I am here with my bestie. Bliss… pure bliss…. And it was all worth it.




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Jennifer Arens said...

Wow you are brave and amazing and a Dr Pepper lover! Trifecta!

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