Monday, October 5, 2015

My Little Rose: 10 Weeks Old

You my love are the most beautiful sweet angel on the planet. I sometimes have to pinch myself, trite I know, but I have two beautiful healthy wonderful children. Three years ago I wasn’t even sure if I was ever going to have a baby. So my deep love for you is also filled with awe.



I am really really really trying for you not to have that whole not as many photos as your brother second child thing everyone keeps talking about. Sure I am exhausted, sure my surgery scar still hurts, sure my back and feet are sore, sure there is laundry to be done and dinner to make, but with all the excuses in the world I am still going to try my best to document your years just as much as I did for your brother. And these photos… as hard as they were to take… are priceless.









You have really pushed up working out this week. We do lots of floor time with you, mostly with me curled up right next to you, and you are kicking your legs like crazy. Gotta work out those leg muscles so you are ready to crawl and walk. I know it is going to go by so fast. I already can’t believe you are two months old.



This week has also brought you better head control. You are losing that newborn bobbing. Of course we are still careful to help support your head when holding you but I can see in the next few weeks you not needing that.



Your big brother seems to be getting much more interested in you. He is now helping (sort of bringing me a diaper) when at the changing station and he loves to get your bottle and try and feed you. Sometimes when you cry he will fake cry right alongside with you. When he comes to say hi you are now smiling back at him. The dreams I have high hopes you two will grow up the best of friends.



I have been giving you a bath on the counter in the kids bathroom. We still haven’t gotten our whole ‘night time bath time by myself with two kids’ routine down but I am working on trying different things to make it go more smoothly. Now during baths you are arching your neck around so you can coo at yourself in the mirror. Babies are so deliciously adorable.


You are starting to really love tugging on things. Your adorable dresses are now being pulled up. And your burp cloth which before would rest on your chest is now being dragged around. In particular you are now loving dragging your blankets and your burp cloths over your face when you are tired. Yeah not on my watch… sids hazard for sure. We are just going to have to be extra careful not to have anything in your reach.



Babies are their own little people. Sure some things are easier this time around because you are my second child but some things still baffle me. For instance this week you projectile vomited a few times a day for three days in a row. It wasn’t a ton but it was something you have never done before. I started freaking out a little and vowed to see the pediatrician the next day and then it stopped as suddenly as it began. Babies really need manuals.


This week you are refusing your binkie. You were never loving it, but you would suck it for a few minutes. Now however you don’t want anything to do with it. I find it so strange since your brother was/is a binkie MANIAC.




I’m noticing a flat spot showing up more prominently on the back of your head. We hold you as much as we can but you are in your bouncer or the car seat often, and then you are sleeping on your back in your bassinet. All of these things contribute to your little flat spot. I am not too worried about it since the same exact thing happened to your younger brother. I brought it up to the pediatrician and she said that nearly half the babies now have a flat spot on their head. The back to back campaign has really cut down the risk of SIDs statistics. Unfortunately the side effect of that diligence is resulting in positional plagiocephaly. Most cases (like yours so far) are super mild and only a cosmetic issue. Once you start rolling over and sitting up it most often just goes away. Your brothers did and I am hoping yours will too.






Ms. Tiny is still living with us helping out as much as she can. I can say it is awesome to have her around. She adores you like crazy and will often just jump in to help while I am busy. I can downstairs after putting your brother to bed and Ms. Tiny was multi-tasking; making dinner while feeding you your dinner. That is a rockstar helper!


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