Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy 13,625 Days Old to Me

That is a bunch of days. Life has been so incredibly full. SO SO full. I sometimes fantasize about running away and living in a log cabin in the middle of the woods. You know alone, something WAY WAY simpler. I am now so tired that I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror sometimes. But life isn’t slowing down so neither can I. Its my birthday damnit, I am going out and having a good time.

I went to the spa earlier today. And had a wonderful bliss filled morning of pampering, steam and silence. I bought new black boots for myself, which I am currently in love with. And Mr. Rogue bought me the new iPhone, in rose of course. Which will be here in a few days (hope it gets here before I leave for Pittsburgh).

The mummy exhibit opened this week at the Natural History Museum so Mr. Rogue and I opted to go check it out. No pictures on most of the items but I snapped a few on the ones I was allowed to take pictures of. Mr. Rogue and I had a really great time. And you know what it was really nice to just walk around, sans kids, discussing ancient Egypt and how different our world is today. To be able to finish more than two sentences with my husband without someone needing something. DIVINE people!




After the museum we headed to Takami a super fun, super yummy sushi place in downtown that I have been wanting to take Mr. Rogue too. Yummy food and my favorite man. We were home by 9 and in bed by 10. Oh how these birthdays are different than the crazy birthdays of my past; different in a good, happy, settled, content, beautiful way.

Happy Birthday to me!






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