Friday, September 25, 2015

My Little Rose: Birth Announcements

I booked your baby photographer well before you were born. I was so exhausted this pregnancy I almost talked myself out of doing the research, finding, interviewing and booking a photographer. But I made myself do it and I was SO SUPER PLEASED with how your photos turned out. One of my favorites is with you smiling at the camera and of course when I first saw it, it was the photo I wanted to use for your birth announcements.

And then you were a month old and I still hadn’t gotten the cards designed, or ordered, or printed, or addressed and sent out. And honestly I was TOO EXHAUSTED to even think about the things I needed to get done. But with a pep talk from Ms. Pool Shark I rallied. And today with the work done; with the last card addressed and sent out in the mail. I was so happy I did. It was hard, I really could have used more sleep but the card came out so beautiful it was well worth the effort. Now excuse me while I go take a nap.



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