Monday, September 28, 2015

My Little Rose: 9 Weeks Old

My Little Rose,

You are the sweetest, more adorable little angel in the whole world. Although I am exhausted and juggling two little kids two and under is harder than I thought it would be I am love love loving having a tiny little baby in the house again. Tiny little perfect face, little perfect nose, little perfect everything. I didn’t know that my heart would just get bigger and bigger. I am so incredibly happy.






You have started spitting up more often. Ms. Tiny is a nurse and she thinks that you might have a little acid reflux. It certainly can’t be teething. You don’t seem upset or have an upset tummy so we will just have to wait and see.



This week you are showing a little divaness. You are going from not hungry to absolutely starving quickly. You bring your hands to your mouth and start frantically sucking. My supply up until now has been keeping up with your demand but this week I supplemented a couple bottles. I have a freezer stash thank goodness but I don’t want to dip into that too soon and I wanted to see what you would do with a little formula too. Unlike your brother you have no issues with formula. But if I am going to keep up with you I am going to have to up the amount of pumping sessions I have been doing. This whole pumping thing is all new to me.



Your schedule is getting a little bit more consistent. You are waking up about an hour before your brother. Although I don’t love my 6am wakeup call I do like that I get a little alone time to get your diaper changed, fed and loved on a bit before I have to do the same for your brother. You take about three naps a day and end up in bed at 10:30 for the night. Although you are still waking 2-3 times a night you are gaining weight fast and I am hoping soon you will start giving me longer stretches of sleep. At least when you do sleep you sleep well.

Wake at 6am eat and go right back to sleep until 10
up from 10-1
sleep from 1-3
up from 3-4
sleep from 4-6
up from 6-10:30
sleep from 10:30-6am with 2-3 wakings






Your brother is starting to get a little closer. He is acknowledging you more and more and this week he even snuggled with you a little. I can’t wait until you get a little older and you both start playing together.





You started really cooing this week. It is so super adorable. I can’t wait until you start really verbalizing. You are interested. You are constantly watching us and moving your mouth. You track us with your eyes as we move around the room and you are reacting to sounds and when we get close you are starting to light up with big smiles. The cuteness can’t go any higher. I am so in love.

I had to get you this adorable onsie. It made me think of my mom, we both love birds and we also have this saying. My mom and I have this thing we do. At the end of almost every conversation we have this conversation:

Mom: I love you.
Me: I love you more.
Mom: I love you most.


You are picking your head up for longer periods of time and your control is getting much better. I don’t have to be as careful when I am holding you and I love that you are looking around more.




Your eyes are still a grey blue. I wonder what color your eye color will settle on.


You had your pediatrician checkup this week and you are doing fantastic. Your growth is great, in fact you are starting getting a little plump. Love you baby girl.


Love you,

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