Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Bestie Birthday Surprise

I have the bestest best friend ever. She organized a little ballet night with us three girls to celebrate my birthday. We saw Giselle in Redondo Beach and I just loved it. I have been to the ballet quite a bit but I had never seen Giselle or heard about the story of this ballet. So we all dove into the pamphlets. And then I burst out laughing… my all-time favorite quote ‘seek revenge upon men by dancing them to death.’






Both my cousin Ms. Sweetie and my bestie Mrs. Dancer had to work before the ballet so we decided that afterwards we would grab a dessert and a drink. We went to Flemmings where I had an amazing glass of wine and some truffle mac and cheese and some yummy chocolate cake. But best of all I was with my favorite girls and I had such a great time; the food, the wine, but most of all the laughter. Pouring so much of myself into my kids is tough, it is moments like this that I get to refuel my soul! Thank you Mrs. Dancer.


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Jennifer Arens said...

You guys are really like fine....better with age! Nice gams Ms Dancer!

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