Monday, September 21, 2015

My Little Rose: 2 Months Old (8 Weeks)

My Little Rose,

You are now 2 months old and time is just whipping by so quickly. I don’t know what I did to get such an amazing second child. Everyone joked that since your older brother was such an easy baby then I was going to end up with a colicy, fussy, hard baby to balance it out. OH NO how wrong they were. You are a little angel. I really won the lottery. You rarely ever fuss and when you do it is only because I am not moving fast enough to change your diaper or feed you or give you snuggles. As soon as you are picked up you are all smiles.








Speaking of being a second child I often feel a little guilty because I don’t get to snuggle with you as much as I did your brother. With one child I had all the time in the world, but now with two I am constantly being pulled and pushed between you. I guess that is just part of the whole second child syndrome. At least for now we get our little nighttime routine. From 7ish when my Little Cricket goes to bed until 10:30 when you and I go to bed together you are all mine. Generally you spend that time snuggled on my lap or nestled in your daddies lap.





You are still a loud sleeper and I have thought about moving you so many times. Lately I think I am getting more used to you being loud, or it is just because I am too exhausted for it to bother me anymore. Regardless you are still sleeping at night in our room. You prefer the snuggle hold of the pack and play bassinet or the swing when you sleep. I haven’t been able to successfully get you to sleep very often in your bassinet. This also means that we aren’t using your crib quiet yet. The only time you are in your crib is when I need to set you down for a few minutes so I can brush your brothers teeth or give him a bath.



Time is flying so fast. You are already getting big and some of your 0-3 month things aren’t fitting you anymore. Time needs to slow down, you are growing up way too fast.


Your big brother is starting to help out more and get more engaged with you. Sometimes he will snuggle up with you on the couch or on the chair with me. Often he helps with diaper changes and bath time. I keep trying to get a photo of you two together but he is just super uncooperative right now.



I am officially a crazy mom zombie. I am so tired. Between taking care of my Little Cricket, getting up with you all through the night and taking extra time to pump several times a day I am feeling a little defeated. I have to take pleasure in the small things that make me smile. And I have to remember that this too shall pass. On the positive side (things that make me laugh) my awesome wardrobe choices are getting super interesting. After all mixing colors and patterns is ‘in’ right now right. And I hit an all-time pumping high this week 13 ounces in a single session. BOO YEAH I am a pumping rocking awesome beast!



You are the most loved little girl in the whole wide world. At least in my opinion. You stole my heart baby girl.

Love Mama

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