Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Week in Moments: My Little Cricket 28 Months Old

In the past month it seems like you have gotten so much better with listening, in fact a few days ago we went to the natural history museum and you managed to listen and therefore out of the stroller for almost all of the day. It is truly a gift to not have to repeat myself as much. Don’t get me wrong I am still repeating myself so so so so much, it is probably the thing about parenting I like the least, however I do see an ever so slightly lessening and maybe this is an indication of better times to come.




We do everything together. We cook, and clean, and do laundry, you help daddy wash the car, you can help get yourself dressed and are brushing your own teeth. I love how hands are you are. With a new baby sister in the mix I was worried how you would transition. You are still your easy going self and the change hasn’t seemed to affect your disposition too much. Other than way more whining you seem to be adjusting well.







You have your two bottom eye teeth coming in and your hands are constantly in your mouth. I am SO OVER teething. Your teeth have come in so slowly that it feels like you have been teething for a year and a half. The only way you will take your hands out of your mouth is if you have your pacifier and although I am tempted to give it to you I cannot break the rules. You are only allowed your pacifier when you go to sleep in your room, or if you get in there and sneak it when you aren’t supposed too. You get two pacifiers and your lovely – the giraffe that used to be attached to the pacifier. For how I am just letting you have it because you aren’t going to be this young forever. I am hoping you will just get rid of it on your own.



You are still only mostly jabbering and pointing to things you want. The older you get the more worried I become that you still aren’t talking. This week you started speech therapy and I am just really hoping that this helps. That you only have a speech delay and that nothing else is going on. We love you regardless but I am worried other things might be contributing to your not talking. You often won’t look at me when I call your name and lately some mannerisms like flapping your hands are coming out. Autism has been mentioned but you are such a little social guy I don’t really think that it is. We are opting for a wait and see approach.


Your little legs are finally long enough to reach the pedals on the tricycle Grandma and Grandpa gave you for your birthday. Now we just need to work on a little leg strength and some steering skills. You are going to be zipping around the backyard in no time.




We hear all the time how a child looks just like mom or has dads eyes but this week I have not only one but two people tell me that my kid looks like a famous actor. And they both said he looked like the same actor. I couldn’t picture him in my mind so of course as soon as I got home after the first comment I looked him up. I do see some resemblance for sure.



If I had to say what your favorite thing is it would be playing with water. You don’t like to swim in your pool (unless you are naked which I find super funny) but you love playing with your pool like it was a water table, you love your actual water table, you love the house and you just adore bathtime. One of the cutest things I like to do with you during bathtime is to play knock knock on the glass in the bathtub. We will sit there sometimes forever just knocking back and forth until the water gets cold and your little hands get all pruny. This week while washing your hair I was thinking how long it was… and then I gave you a Mohawk. OMG adorable Mohawk baby!










When the pool isn’t in use in the backyard we have found other uses for it. I bought these ball pit balls and we fill your pool up with them. Eventually you dump all 200 out on the floor. It’s not my favorite thing to pick them all up but you love the ball pit so much I just cannot say no. Another game you like is peek a boo with your pool, or you will crawl around with it on your back like a turtle.


You refused to take your nap twice this week and I almost cried. We did everything the same, I read you two books, gave you some kisses and then turned out the light but you didn’t sleep one wink. The first time I thought it was just a fluke, and then when you slept the next day that fluke was reaffirmed. No big deal right… but then a few days later you refused to take your nap again. I am SO not ready for you to give up your nap, not to mention the fact that you were super crabby for the rest of the day.




We love our walks. I love the exercise and you love the exploration. Most often we walk at one of the numerous parks we love to visit, because I am terrified when we walk in the neighborhood you will go play in traffic and get hit before I can rescue you. Seriously I have nightmares about this. On one of our walks you found a small Tupperware someone had dropped, it seemed realitively clean so I let you play with it. BEST IDEA EVER. You kept finding things to put into it, you would walk for a while, find something new, dump the old thing out and replace it with your new treasure. Other than the fact that our walks take us an incredibly long time sometimes we both have fun.




You seem to be warming up more to your baby sister. You check on her when we are out to make sure she is ok. You sush people when they are too loud. And you now like to eat your snack at the counter stools by your sister instead of your highchair.



Uou are a very physical little boy. I find it much easier to engage you and keep you happy if we are doing something physical as I talk with you. This week you were so proud of yourself. You concurred the s-structure at the park. This is something that you have been working up to for the past month and a half.



Every couple of months we get a new nickname for you. This month we started calling you Cam-Bam. You are my laughing little intelligent creative cuddle bug. Mommy and daddy love you so much.






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