Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Speech Therapy Starts

Finally today is the first day of my Little Crickets speech therapy through the Westside Regional Center. It has taken four months of speaking to doctors, insurance, centers, appointments, screenings and approvals to finally get to this place. It is so hard to dive into and learn the intricacies of something new. And having a child who is now diagnosed with a speech delay and trying to get the care he needs and deserves so he can thrive has been super difficult.

I really don’t know why it all needed to be so hard, but I am learning how to become my sons advocate and I am full of hope that this is the right path to be on.

I am really pleased with our speech therapist. My Little Cricket seemed to warm up to her quickly and her credentials and experience are wonderful. I really hope with her help my Little Cricket will really start talking.


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