Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Solo with Two at the Natural History Museum

Today I spent a good hour trying to get organized to go out of the house for the day. We were meeting one of our mom friends, a mom who has a little boy only 6 months older than my Little Cricket, someone pre-baby number 2 we would go out with a bunch. But today was my first time attempting a whole day outing with both kids by myself.





I was confused when I woke up this morning it was raining. You see when I lived in Michigan, when I lived in Pennsylvania, you checked the weather daily. And then you dressed in layers because that weather could change in an instant. But living in LALA land, I never check the weather because it is always the same. The weather is always lovely, always sunny and almost always a perfect mid 70s. We originally had plans to go to the zoo, but with my Little Rose being so young we changed plans to meet at the national history museum. Adding in a possibly rainy day while outside didn’t sound like something I could handle.





My Little Cricket did a KICK BUTT job at being out of the stroller all day long. He listened for the most part and didn’t try to climb the dinosaurs, he didn’t attempt to go under too many do not enter barriers which I am grateful for, and he only ran away once which I will count as a success. Part of him listening so well is because we were with an older, well behaved little boy. It’s amazing how different kids can pull things out of your child in positive ways.





I was a little worried about the logistics of two kids out but my Little Rose slept through most of the day and when she did wake up it was just to eat and then fall right back asleep.



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