Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Phase #5 Baby Help: Ms. Tiny Arrives

Mrs. Dancer and I met in 7th grade. We were both short distance runners, and we often were pitted against each other. Racing against each other I always one, but when we were timed her times were faster. It was a source of debate the sparked a wonderful, lifelong friendship. So I met Mrs. Dancer when I was 12, and we are going on 25 years of being best friends.

Which means that I have known Mrs. Dancer’s little sister, Ms. Tiny for just as long. Ms. Tiny has been in Europe for the past year and just arrived back in LALA land. It just so coincided that she needed a place to stay, I have a spare bedroom with attached bathroom, and I needed some help with the kids while Mr. Rogue works so much, and she has a nursing degree and loves my kids. So started Phase #5 of my help. Ms. Tiny is going to stay with us for a while and help out. How long she is going to help out depends on how well this whole having another person living with us works out. But we all agreed to two months.




Ms. Tiny will be spending two mornings a week watching my Little Cricket and sometimes my Little Rose while I try and rest and get some of these things off my massive to do list. And then the rest of the time she will just be chilling with us, a little roomie with benefits.


Win win people, what a true gift for both of us.

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