Monday, September 14, 2015

My Little Rose: 7 Weeks Old

My Little Rose,

I am so loving having a tiny little baby in the house. For the most part you are super laid back and easy going. You sleep well and you eat great. There is just the angry grunting which we really can’t figure out. This week I was noticing the angry grunting was happening right before you burped… could it be because you are gassy. We aren’t really sure because other times you will grunt like crazy and you are totally asleep.





This week you really started to consistently sleep six to eight hours a night. I am loving all the sleep I am getting and its making me feel a little more human. I also love that you are now more awake during the day. Often I am hanging out on the floor right next to you because your brother likes to throw things sometimes and I am afraid you will get hurt, or stepped on, or he will try and pick you up. So far he has been wonderful and gentle but you are so tiny I worry.



Often if daddy or I are holding you your brother is right there wanting to be part of the cuddle time. It makes for a crowded lap with two little ones but your daddy and I just ADORE all the extra love and cuddles.



You are still exclusively bottle feeding. I am hating the pump and every single day I want to stop. But I keep trucking along. Its important to me that you get breastmilk. Sadly my oversupply is evening out you are now drinking as much as I pump now. At least I am thankful that I am able to pump enough for you. I also love that with the six week of my oversupply I was able to store a good month and a half supply in the freezer for emergencies.




We seem to have gotten into a good routine in the morning. Since your brother wakes close to 7AM I get up an hour earlier to pump, change your diaper and feed you before your brother even wakes up. I have come to cherish this little bonding time we have as our special time. Our night time routine however is still a hot mess. You are your most awake between 6-10:30pm and you want to constantly eat and be held; unfortunately that is also my busiest time with your brother. I have to feed him, bath him, read him his books and put him to bed. I have been trying to wake you up from your naps in the afternoon a little earlier so I can put you down for a nap at least for an hour during that time but you are just not having it. We will get there eventually.



When your daddy and I were trying to pick your name at the hospital one of the deterrents to naming you your name was the lack of cute nick names. We knew eventually ones would come out and we were right. So far Ms. Piggy hasn’t been super cute, this week I started calling you Cher-bear and I love it. It’s adorable just like you and I love that its unique.


Its amazing how we can still be learning so much about you. You love your head rubbed, you don’t like your feet tickled. And this week we found a small birth mark on the back of your head. You bring so much joy to our world and your daddy and I are so blessed to have you.

Love, Mama




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