Monday, September 7, 2015

My Little Rose: 6 Weeks Old

My Little Rose,

You might just be the best baby on the face of the entire planet. Or I might just be a little biased. Or both. Regardless you slept for six straight hours last night and I thought I had moved into some sort of amazing alternate universe. I actually got to sleep and it felt amazing. And then the very next day I was hoping for another six hours straight and you slept eight hours; only six weeks old and already an eight hour window. Your brother didn’t start sleeping eight hours until he was 5 months old. The universe must have known how tired I was. I am praying that you can keep this trend up.




I cannot believe how big you are getting already. I had to get donate the last 8 newborn diapers and a whole other box I had to another new mom. You are just growing too fast. So now, just like that you are in size one diapers and are no longer a newborn.






Oh how I have missed snuggling a tiny little baby in my arms. I simply cannot put you down, you fill my heart with so much joy. And then when I finally do put you down I marvel that you stay there and you don’t immediately get into a million things. It is awesome. You are my little mini me and I am totally loving finally having a daughter. Ms. Pixie took some photos of us just lounging around the house and I just love how they turned out. You my Little Rose are so precious.






Sadly we are still not breastfeeding. Although I keep trying I am becoming more and more resigned to the fact that we are just going to be bottle feeding you forever. Breastfeeding was such a natural beautiful thing that I loved. Pumping on the other hand I dislike and is a mechanical chore. I am however going to pump for as long as I can, because breastmilk is best for you.


You seem to get the hiccups way more than your brother ever did. I am assuming it’s because we are bottle feeding. You are gaining weight and getting pleasantly plump so I know you are at least getting the nutrition that you need.



This week you have much better head control. You still aren’t picking your head up really well during tummy time however when I hold you you are able to have better control of your neck without my help. So this week I brought out the bouncer from storage. This chair first held your cousin and then your brother and now you are in it. Finally I have a safe place to put you down so I can get a few things done in the kitchen without fear that your brother will throw a toy at your head or step on you. Of course he pops up from time to time to say hello.



With the better head control, and the fact that your belly button has been healed for two weeks I decided it was time for your first real bath. Up until now I have been putting a towel beside the sink and giving you wipe down pigeon baths with a wash cloth but this week I took out the baby tub. You did really well in the water and although you don’t seem to love it, at least you don’t hate it. I am still working on the timing of baths. I can’t bathe you while I am watching your brother, because if he got into something I can’t just leave you in the bath. The first two times I gave you a bath I did it as soon as I put my Little Cricket to bed, but since the kids bathroom is attached to both of your rooms, and since we made so much noise we kept waking up your brother. So I moved the bath to our bathroom which worked out a lot better.



You like to be swaddled but you LOVE your hands free. Normally you sleep with them either resting on either side of your face or over your head but this week you have been loving putting your hands in weird positions over your face. I find it incredibly adorable.


You are still absolutely loving your swing, when the timing doesn’t work out right and you are awake when I have to put your brother down to bed you chill out in your swing. Occasionally we have been letting you sleep in there as well, you always sleep so much longer if you are swinging.


Everywhere I take you you are adored. No one can resist the cuteness!



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